The Wuhan pandemic has given birth to some grim side-effects: Mask Karens, Vaxholes, the Sanctimonious TikTok Nurse…

But the grimmest is surely the Bureaucratic COVID Dictator.

You know the ones I mean: standing at their little podiums day after day during lockdowns, wearing a lab coat with the price tag still hanging from it, and just lapping up the spotlight, like the sad little media tarts they are.

In a way, I suppose, you can’t blame them. For all their lives, these folk have been gray, dull bureaucrats, building their little empires away in dusty, ignored corners of the state Troughocracy.

They’ve generally been pretty pants as actual scientists and doctors, these unelected bureaucratic Macchiavellis. So the sudden taste of absolute power has clearly gone to their heads. Suddenly, they’re in the spotlight daily. They get to tell prime ministers what to do.

Even more intoxicating, they force millions to obey their every whim, simply by uttering the magic phrase “Follow The Science”.

A limited reopening of Melbourne is under consideration as the Victorian government looks to provide revenue to hard-hit ­retailers and the hospitality sector over the looming long weekend.

Despite 11 new cases of community transmission, senior ­government ministers and health officials are debating how to gradually reopen a state that makes up 25 per cent of the ­national economy.

You would think that the responsibility for a quarter of the national economy, not to mention nearly 7 million people, would solely be in the hands of elected representatives. We are still a democracy, aren’t we?

Nobody elected “health officials” – but everyone feels the lash of their megalomania.

While Victoria’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, has ruled out the complete relaxation of restrictions when the 14-day lockdown is due to end at 11.59pm on Thursday, there is a strong desire from the senior government figures for an end to many measures[…]

Scott Morrison said he was hopeful restrictions would be lifted as soon as possible. “I would be urging that we move towards lifting those restrictions as soon as possible,” the Prime Minister said.

Senior government officials, not least the Prime Minister, need to remember just who was elected to lead the country. Hint: it’s not some paper-shuffler in a borrowed labcoat.

Professor Sutton is viewed within government as taking a very conservative approach to the virus, which then presents senior ministers with little room to move[…]

When pushed on whether hospitality businesses might get a reprieve – with a cap of 50 patrons similar to regional Victoria – Professor Sutton said he would not speculate.

The Australian

Public health officials need to be reminded that they are employees, not elected representatives. They also need to be held to account for their decisions – often made, as we have seen, on completely wrong assumptions and ludicrous computer models. Saying “Follow the Science” is a threadbare nostrum when “the science” is a sick joke.

The Victorian Premier and the Australian Prime Minister need to remember that they were elected to lead, not be lead by the nose by bureaucrats. Especially not the sort of bureaucrats like Prof. Neil Ferguson, who’ve been consistently wrong about nearly everything. Bureaucrats like the WHO, who’ve consciously lied and conspired to cover up for the Chinese Communist Party.

The lab-coated tail must stop wagging the dog of state. The iron rule of the Bureaucratic COVID Dictators must stop.

The reign of the COVID dictators must end. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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