Readers of the The BFD will certainly be more familiar with left-wing blogger Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury than I. Still, his reputation precedes him – and I’m grimly familiar with his type on the Australian left.

Yes, we have them, too: the sad old gits who never grew out of their university student politics. Still waving their copies of Trotsky and the Little Red Book. Still calling each other “comrade”.

But, more and more, wondering just what is the deal with those darn kids in their leftist backyard, these days?

The older I get, the more horrified I am at the suggestions made by woke ‘progressives’.

Of course, like any right-on old lefty, Bradbury has to hurry to remind the comrades of his impeccable lefty credentials, with the requisite sprinkling of Te Reo virtue signals. Let him assure you, brothers, sisters and non-binaries, he has not sold out.


But there are philosophical limits to that support and the Maori Party’s terrifying call to found our very own stasi is that limit.

Comrades, I’m a class anarchist leftist, I believe the demarcation line of power in a capitalist democracy is not between a myriad of identities, but between the 1% richest plus their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us. I see the State as the crucial structure to empower the many not the few BUT I also acknowledge that the State can be the biggest danger to the individual and as such demands an ever hostile check and balance over those state powers.

Woah, you’re straying dangerously close to thinking like a classical liberal. Check your privilege, comrade.

Yeah, yeah: blah, blah, capitalism, blah, blah, 1%, blah, blah the-many-not-the-few… Sure, we get it, Bomber, you’re not a wicked righty. You’ve just realised that the left have lost whatever passed for their tiny minds.

That’s why the suggestion by the Maori Party to demand a white supremacist stasi is so terrifying.

Of all the voices to know the dire ramifications of a politicized police force, it should be bloody Maori!

The Maori Party are citing the need for a stasi because 2 racist YouTube clips made them angry and fearful[…]

In the easily triggered world of woke intersectionist grief hierarchy, both videos are hate speech and deserving of cancellation, harassment and prosecution. In the world of actual intelligence analysis these two videos would barely cause a ripple because they wouldn’t have been deemed credible as threats.

A mentally ill loudmouth and bitter truck driving Pom are the least of our terrorism worries.

Good… God… is this… sanity?

Speaking of sanity, Bradbury almost brings himself to admit that the left are the real racists.

Which brings us to the Maori Party’s gasp inducing demand to set up a secret police force comprised of the SIS and the Police Intelligence Unit to hunt down white supremacists.

If any other political party asked to create a secret police force that hunts for word crimes and thought criminals there would be rioting in the street but because it’s the Maori Party and it’s aimed at something we all hate that’s somehow fine?

The Daily Blog

So… let’s go through this slowly, Bomber, old mate: if the left are allowing a single group to establish a dangerous surveillance state, solely because of the race of the party, what could that possibly be called? R… rrrr… c’mon, you can say it… rrraaaayyyy– no! Mustn’t say the “r” word about Maori! Cue brain implosion.

Of course, Bradbury’s real worry appears to be, not that “a secret police who hunt down political enemies using tips offs from ideological stormtroopers” is just wrong in itself. No, his real fear is what the wicked righties might do with it.

Because, y’know: the left have never used such power to evil ends. Here’s a hint, Bomber: what end of the political spectrum did the actual Stasi sit on?

Still even a busted cuckoo clock is right twice a day: Bradbury is absolutely right that “this is the worst idea in the world” and “that middle class identity politics and their triggered feelings dictating policy and law” is a massive threat to freedom and rule of law in New Zealand.

He just can’t bring himself to admit that the left is the real threat right now, not some “right-wing” bogey-man.

He certainly won’t admit that, wherever the left go, police states and state-sanctioned snitching follow.

Still, maybe there’s hope for him, yet.

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