The fact that Donald J Trump is such a polarising figure speaks volumes for several very important human psychological conditions, the most recent of which has been affectionately named Trump Derangement Syndrome. Can anybody recall ever in history, anybody having such a huge effect on people flung far and wide across the planet? You’d have to wonder why people completely unaffected (other than by seeing him on TV or video), can hate someone with such a vengeance. Such loathing. Such derangement. It really is a psychological clusterfeast of human emotional response which is completely devoid of common sense or logic.

Trump has always been a “tall poppy”. The blade of grass that stands taller than the others. The one who unreservedly blurts out, often more than a little clumsily, whatever is rattling around in his head without fear or favour. Where some might view it as honest, open, transparent and indeed, a breath of fresh air for a politician, there are those who rush out with lawnmowers and slashers ready to get everything down to the same level as quickly as possible – even if there’s little or no fact in whatever assertions are being promulgated on any given occasion.

In simple terms, Trump has never cared what people think of him or what he says or how he says it. He’s not imprisoned by societal niceties. He says what he feels, what he thinks, what he may not have even thought through yet. He tests the waters openly and directly. Some might say he often “thinks aloud”.

Excuse my directness and terminology, but people like Trump really piss people off. Not because they’ve necessarily done anything particularly bad, but because they’re not afraid to be the tall poppies, and no matter what the negative “cancel culture” tries to throw at them, they don’t give a toss. They unapologetically carry on. Tall poppies who won’t allow themselves to be levelled.

Keep in mind by the way, that whatever judgement is being published is NEVER based on what was actually said or done. It is the opinion of an opinion as interpreted or reinterpreted by others. After all, very few people have actually met the man and we all know that even the most ardent eyewitness evidence often turns out to be completely wrong.

The United States today paints a picture of just how badly democracy can be abused by ill-conceived thinking combined with some heavy duty manipulative behaviour from the self proclaimed “ruling elite”, ably assisted by a filthy, lying mainstream media and the vainglorious, lavishly, excessively rich tech billionaires and corporates who know much better than the average person what’s good for them.

It’s been six months since the US election. After four years of Trump, the American economy was in excellent shape. Most Americans were in a better place than they have been in for years. Immigration was under control. China was being kept firmly in its place with North Korea pending. Trump appeared regularly in face to face interviews and press conferences and of course at rallies all over the country. He never declined to answer questions from journalists no matter how anti they were and on many occasions openly confronted their worst excesses to their pathetic little faces (thankfully, more recently, hidden from view by masks).

Contrast that with where America stands today. This may well be the last time for years that we can refer to America standing, because the Democrats, ‘led’ by a geriatric whose mental capacities are severely compromised, are rapidly kicking the country to its knees.

If we look dispassionately at the four years of Trump without allowing ourselves to be influenced by the agitation and excesses of the never Trumpers, we will see an America which made huge strides forward under a president who let go of the manipulations of the political establishment that clearly remains firmly mired in the Washington swamp.

Within hours of his inauguration, Biden unravelled a significant part of that success and within days had unravelled even more. Today, we can look back on what it was like 8 months ago and draw comparisons. We can look further back through several other presidencies and draw comparisons.

It’s up to you how far you choose to look back, but I have a hunch that the four years of Trump achieved more for average America than any other four year period maybe ever.

While Trump did himself no favours calling the election a “steal”, logic and common sense gives me a strong sense of deep unease about US election 2020 and eventually, when the adults in the room rise to the occasion, we’ll find out that what we were thinking but couldn’t quite prove is actually much worse than we could ever have imagined.

I’m picking a few bits and pieces out of a crystal ball here:

Trump’s achievements while in office will eventually have him accorded the honour of being recognised as one of their greatest ever presidents.

The 2020 election results will eventually turn out to have been every bit as fraudulent as has been alleged by Trump and his colleagues. It won’t change the election results but will have a huge impact on politics in the USA and might signal the end of the Democrats.

Certainly several senior Democrats will be confronted with incontrovertible evidence of their involvement in several of the biggest political frauds in the history of the world and, in the absence of a Presidential pardon, will end up in jail.

Biden won’t last the full term. Biden will not be held accountable for any of his misdeeds.

Harris will become president by default and, after pardoning Biden, will be exactly what we all know she will be – the biggest disaster the USA has ever seen.

The Republicans will win the mid terms in a landslide and make her a toothless president (that will be good for a laugh).

If Trump stands again, without Covid-19 to mess with the election systems, Trump will win by a landslide. The number of votes cast will turn out to be less than in 2020, confirming yet again that there was something amiss with what happened in 2020.

What do you think?

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