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A little over a week ago I honestly was not sure whether my Fauci-as-Icarus metaphor would bear itself out. The attention-seeking bureaucrat, lionized and canonized by what has become essentially a religious cult centred around a new virus that emerged, ostensibly, late in 2019 or early 2020, was tottering on the ropes, hammered with body-blows by the likes of Sen. Rand Paul over “mask theatre” and, perhaps fatally, over support for “gain-of-function” research on viruses. Fauci famously, while clenching his teeth, vehemently denied funding “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan lab in China. But he was lying. And Sen. Paul knew he was lying. And Sen Paul showed us how he was lying: he used a cut-out organization, EcoHealth Alliance, to funnel money to the lab for research on how to “juice up the virus,” as Sen. Paul puts it.

The release of Fauci’s emails, triggered by a FOIA request, confirmed all that Sen. Paul brought up in the hearing and more. Brian Lohman on Facebook shared via Unwoke Narrative one of the most concise synopses of just how damning the Fauci emails actually are. As he writes, what they confirm are:

Covid Lab Leak Theory Discussed in Anthony Fauci’s Emails

1) Fauci and his associates immediately were concerned about the possibility COVID leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
2) The tone shifted, as Fauci and his associates became concerned about their ties to the lab leak (via NIH and NIAID funding).
3) Fauci and his associates used resources to research their accountability with respect to the lab leak.
4) Fauci and his associates publicly denounced the “lab leak theory” – despite their own understanding of its possibility. This set the mainstream media’s narrative, and allowed platforms to censor sceptics.
5) Peter Daszak, president of a lab directly tied to the Wuhan research, organized scientists to condemn the lab leak theory. It was a PR campaign to avoid accountability. He personally thanked Fauci for helping with PR.

We also know that while Fauci was demanding that we all wear at least two face masks or we would all die from Covid, he privately told his friends that face masks were useless against the virus.

As satisfying as it is to see Fauci perhaps getting his comeuppance – and he deserves to be remembered in ignominy henceforth ’til the end of time – there is also this alarming feeling that the narrative is shifting to protect the guilty. Fauci has enjoyed wealth and fame as the public face of the Covid response (and the author of nearly unimaginable human and economic destruction since last February or so), but as Don Corleone told Tom Hagen in The Godfather, “Tattaglia’s a pimp. … it was Barzini all along.”

Is Fauci just a front man for a larger agenda? Are we supposed to cheer so hard when he finally lands to the ground, his wax wings melted all around him, that we do not bother looking for all the Barzinis who really launched this plot?

The takedown of Fauci increasingly causes me concern, as appreciative as I am for the work of Sen. Paul and so many others. What is replacing it is the “war with China” narrative that the military-industrial-complex/CIA has been pushing since the implosion of the bogus “war on terror” and associated nonsense like the emergence of a new and extremely threatening (and bogus) “Khorasan group” which “forced” Obama to go into Syria in 2014, only to arm and train murderous jihadists to overthrow the secular Assad government.

The US war machine has China in its targets over its “totalitarianism” meanwhile endorsing all of the actual totalitarian policies of the Chinese government: mass surveillance, vaccine passports, social credit scores (in bed with Big Tech and social media companies). What they really hate is that China is out-competing the US globally in doing business overseas. Beijing inks deals overseas, Washington imposes sanctions and drops bombs. Which makes more sense?

The US war-profits machine hates that China is out-competing the US overseas without needing a trillion dollar military-budget. That draws attention to their scam: they are not protecting us. They are enriching themselves while picking our pockets and destroying the future for our children and grandchildren.

Fauci is going down. That’s a good thing. But if we pause too long for a victory dance we will miss the dark demons who have long abandoned their Faucian host for the promise of greener pastures elsewhere. The war parasite is again feeding.

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