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The Government won’t appeal against the Bay of Plenty coastal judgement despite the flurry of emails that overloaded the inboxes of Attorney General David Parker asking him to stick up for all New Zealanders.

The appeal has been left to self-funded private groups. The Attorney-General has applied to appear as an intervenor to assist the court, as he did at the first hearing.

If this Churchman judgement is allowed to stand, it is likely that hundreds of claims for customary marine title – involving most if not all of the coastline – will succeed.

The Attorney General has a statutory responsibility to act in the public interest.

Meanwhile, our petition which asks Parliament to amend the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 to restore public ownership of the coastal area and repeal customary marine title, while affirming customary rights, has picked up more than 34,000 signatures.

We still need your support. The petition may be signed at https://www.change.org/beaches4all

Crown appeal lack a step for He Puapua?

NZ’s gang problem. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. The BFD.

The Attorney General’s refusal to appeal the Churchman judgement looks like a further step forward in the progress of the He Puapua plan to set up two governments under a tribal monitoring committee accountable to the United Nations. The other steps are:

  1. The abolition of the right of local communities to hold binding referenda on Maori wards.
  2. Forcing Maori language and culture onto government departments and local authorities, while the state-funded media lace news with separatist propaganda.
  3. Replacing English names of places, streets, towns, buildings, and government agencies with Maori names. Even the nation’s name “New Zealand” is being changed by stealth. 
  4. Setting up a separate Maori Health Authority with veto rights over the entire health system.
  5. Transferring ownership of the conservation estate to private tribal entities, as recommended by the Options Development Group.
  6. Imposing 50-50 council-tribal control over water through the Three Waters Reform.
  7. Imposing a revised history curriculum that looks more like Maori studies, which intends to indoctrinate our children about the evils of colonisation.

Where most countries, more likely all countries except New Zealand, would tell the United Nations to go back to New York and mind their own business, this Government is ceding to unprecedented level of influence in an effort to appear compliant.

Our petition against the segregated governments plan has picked up more than 7500 signatures. If you have not done so already, click here to sign it  Reject co-governance

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Crown Won’t Appeal Coastal Ruling


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