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This blog post is a shout out to Lee Williams, asking him to contact me so that I can do what I can to help him in the current crisis he is going through as a direct result of Maori Party activists attacking his job at Synlait Dairy Company.

I only know Lee from watching his You Tube videos, and from Social Media, yet by the very nature of ‘You Tube’, the life of a Youtuber becomes a public spectacle and from watching this dramatic saga unfold on you tube and in mainstream media reports, I am becoming concerned about how well Lee is holding up under this crushing pressure that all this is having on his life.

Lee has been suspended from his job as a direct result of Maori Party Activists slandering him by telling his employers that he is a White Supremacist.

I have heard that Lee’s marriage is on the rocks.

Go Fund Me… wrongfully/ unjustly took $7000 dollars which his friends and supporters had donated to him to help him through this time of trouble, and maybe get him a ticket to go visit his Dad in Britain, and we can be sure this happened as a result of more nasty Machiavellian Political foul play by Maori party activists.

Now that all these thunderbolts have hit Lee all at once it is little wonder that watching Lee’s latest videos we see a man in crisis.

The last thing I want to do now is to lay another trip on him, yet the last two videos I watched make me fearful, I see a man spiralling downward… a man who needs help/ support… especially from friends… and yet it appears that the Maori Party have relentlessly continued to persecute Lee.

And so it looks as if things continue to get worse for Lee, and I am worried about him.

Having been through a personal crisis myself years ago, I know how hard it can be to walk a wise path when you are in complete turmoil.
I fear if Lee does not manage to pull himself out of this ‘nosedive’ he is heading for disaster.

Lee needs to know that there are people here in New Zealand who understand what he is going through, that we believe in his cause, and we know what he is going through is because of the evils of those who have attacked him because he speaks out against their evil racist schemes.

New Zealanders should be outraged at what Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer and her radical activist friends have done to Lee!
It is disgusting, and there must be some sort of legal redress sought.
Lee needs a group of supporters to help carry some of his burdens during this time of crisis.

Message to Lee.


You are a fighter, and I hope you know you have support of people like myself, because we understand what you are going through, We know your life is in turmoil, and we know you are the target of a vicious smear campaign from the real racists… the Maori Party.

Yet we … your supporters need you to follow some advice… you need to calm down a few notches.

I know your life is up shit creek… and I’m not surprised this is taking its toll on you. It is Disturbing to watch how you are handling this… I can see you are in Crisis mode.

You are digging a hole for yourself and harming your own cause… this works in favour of your enemies. It’s no shame to know when you need time out to get your shit together.

Please take a break off youtube until you have ‘collected yourself’ together… and start to work with some of your close supporters to help you work through this business and stay in touch with your support base…. one step at a time.

Your ‘Fonza’ crew should be able to help you Youtube with a bit more composure. Believe me when I say I mean you no offence.
I know you want to wake up the apathetic voters to what these evil racists are doing… yet you are heading for a breakdown if you carry on like this. I don’t want to see that.

My advice is for your own good, and for the cause that we both care so much about… ending racist government, one law for all, equality, and most importantly… fighting this fight peacefully, and with dignity…

Give me a call. I am willing to help you in any way I can. I want you to beat this nasty crap… yet to do this you must not allow your pain to cloud your better judgement. The righteous path is yours!

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