Today’s face of the day Jacinda Ardern has rocks in her head. How else can you explain her dogged determination to import low lifes into New Zealand?

The Deal Maker. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. The BFD

These are not real refugees they are country shoppers. They are the leftover dregs as the rest were offered and accepted homes in other countries.

The ones left over include men who preyed on young girls on the island and who sold and took drugs and were violent. Some of them were offered places in America and other countries but turned them down choosing instead to protest and damage the facilities on the island.

Using a medical loophole many got off Manus island with fake medical emergencies. These are the kind of people that Ardern is expending political capital to import into New Zealand!

New Zealand is in talks to receive asylum seekers held in limbo in Australia after they have received medical treatment.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews confirmed on Wednesday she was working with her New Zealand counterparts to resettle asylum seekers who had been medically evacuated to Australia.

It is understood they would come to New Zealand under the longstanding offer to resettle 150 refugees a year.

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