A clear example of the astonishing and dangerous economic stupidity of Grant Robertson is his concern that accommodation supplements end up in the pockets of landlords and not the pockets of the bludgers who receive them. I’m not kidding!

Grant Robertson says the Government is reviewing how it helps low-income people meet the cost of growing rents, fearing most of the current assistance just ends up in landlords’ back pockets. 

The Accommodation Supplement is being looked at closely as part of a wider review of the Working for Families scheme, the Finance Minister has revealed.

“What we do know about the Working for Families system is it’s been in place now for the best part of 15 years – well, 16 years,” he told Newshub Nation.

“It’s actually a system that’s served New Zealand well, but within it, there are components that I think everybody would question, the Accommodation Supplement being a really obvious one – very important for supporting people’s needs, but a real question mark about whether it’s the best way to deliver accommodation support, given that it tends to end up going towards landlords ultimately.”


Yeah, uhmmm…that’s why it is called rent, and why they have an accommodation supplement to pay for it.

Next minute he’ll be astonished to find out that oceans are wet!

Or that when you pour money into the pockets of the indigent it somehow ends up in the pockets of shopkeepers.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Grant Robertson is not some sort of Chauncey Gardiner type of economic savant.

He is actually a dangerous idiot who thinks that, because he says something, he can make markets behave contrary to the immutable laws of economics.

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Next Minute He Will Be Appalled to Find Out Oceans Are Wet
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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