Commentator Matthew Tukaki aims to fool all of the people all of the time, but dig a bit deeper and Tukaki still thinks racial equality is racist.

Yes, the listener was right, Matthew Tukaki “did a number” on Peter Williams as he interviewed him on his morning radio show.

Williams is a well-researched and capable talkback host, and his show is compelling listening. On this occasion, at times Tukaki was so slick that normally astute Williams didn’t notice and became incensed when it was suggested.

Communicator extraordinaire Matthew Tukaki is by default a key weapon in Ardern’s propaganda arsenal for her ‘nothing to see here’ (former campaign by stealth) for Maori sovereignty based around the ‘He Puapua’ document, which is already being implemented (think Maori wards, Maori Health Authority and other initiatives).

Tukaki’s ‘Maori Council’ was behind a frantic campaign in 2020 to prevent Mike Bush’s appointment as Police Commissioner and threatened legal action against the government. (From what official basis is still unclear). There was a lot of bluster which seemed to work, as Stuart Nash was implying Bush had the job in the morning of the appointment: Newsroom, helpfully, briefly ran the threat in the afternoon and Ardern then announced Andrew Coster’s appointment, which appeared to be the biggest surprise to the man himself.

Tukaki is a far superior communicator to Ardern because he’s highly knowledgeable (Ardern relies on others), operates as everybody’s friend, tailors his message to his audience, and presents in a palatable manner which can fool even a smart talkback host (who is doing a stellar job of revealing this, once hidden, document for his listeners).

To his credit, Tukaki did say the He Puapua document needs to be available and we need to have discussions “correctly, out in the open and together.” Just what Judith Collins is currently being vilified by the media for requesting.

He praised John Key’s efforts on Maori policy. A back handed compliment as he used them to neutralize the more serious constitutional ramifications of the document he was attempting to spin as harmless.

They are not the same: Key’s were within our current single-tier constitution, not two-tier.

The evidence suggests Williams missed key indicators of deflection. Charming Tukaki started with a compliment and before Williams was aware he was driving some of the narrative, which Williams would not let happen with a regular caller.

The question on everyone’s lips, Tukaki’s opinion of the Maori Party’s co-leader’s bizarre performance in the House, was neatly deflected with a “Nobody covered themselves in glory” (A la Ardern re Mallard’s bizarre performance). Nice one Matthew.

Actually, everyone else in the House showed decorum and by definition did cover themselves in glory that crazy afternoon.

Even the wacky Greens: their stupid Point of Order, around “some free speech is more acceptable than others”, was done in a very respectful manner by Marama Davidson. And they were deftly put back in their box by Speaker Mallard, who almost defended free speech, but not quite. The ‘racist’ word tripped him up.

Willams never picked up on this key unanswered question we were all itching to hear the answer to, as Tukaki smoothly moved the conversation along. He deftly avoided giving his opinion on the strange occurrence of the Mongrel Mob’s employment of newly minted CFO, Don Brash, deflecting to the chaos inflicted by the imported 201 gang.

He, however, left no doubt of his negative opinion of stale, pale, male, Don Brash, whose ‘equality for all’ campaign 20 years ago he still regards as racist.

Other evidence does not support Tukaki’s laissez faire approach to the document. Multiple nationwide hui on transferring all DOC estates, including what is underneath the ground, to Maori management, are well underway.

In fact a leaked document to Judith Collins from a concerned government official running the hui provided content for her second regional conference speech.

And more ammunition for cries of racism from the media, the Government and other bullies.

Jacinda’s fingers in all sorts of pies is not questioned by the media. Mike Pero when asked why The Apprentice Aotearoa is not Apprentice New Zealand said he didn’t make the decisions: “Ask Jacinda Ardern”. But no one does, even if it involves influencing media!

Ardern is giving two interviews on Q & A, New Zealand’s leading current affairs programme this year, according to a salivating Jack Tame. TWO! John Key (include also Bill English and Helen Clark) was available for everyone, any time, even argumentative left-wing types like John Campbell, whilst Ardern cancels Mike Hosking’s probing interviews because she can’t face him.

Ardern set off the detonator when her secret He Puapua document came to light, then she quietly snuck away and let us fight amongst ourselves while she did a shoot for Women’s Weekly about her upcoming wedding.

With foot soldiers like Tukaki and the rest of the media (not to forget the cartoonists), she can leave her defence to them as they are much more informed and better at defending the indefensible.

Collins will not give up. She is informing New Zealanders of radical changes afoot and already in train for the New Zealand constitution. She has the complete support of her articulate deputy Dr Shane Reti, contrary to the narrative of Jacinda Ardern, Andrew Little, Kelvin Davis and others on the left (that includes the media commentators) who like to put false words in his mouth.

(Reti’s Q & A interview May 16th leaves no doubt of his position).

Wisely Reti in all his interviews says health services should be provided according to need not race. He says given Covid it is poor timing to introduce any major change in health delivery.

I have another idea, how about personal responsibility for one’s health to kick off the conversation. Too radical?

Auckland University’s Professor of Medicine Des Gorman agrees with Reti. He recently on The AM Show characterized our 2020 covid performance as ‘dumb good luck’ and also added,

“I have to say, to blow the health system up when you’re trying to vaccinate 4 million people, that’s not particularly clever timing, is it?”

I wonder what Gorman thinks of Jacinda Ardern topping the Fortune list of world’s greatest leaders, based on her sermons from the Covid Pulpit of Truth, written by someone else.


Peter Williams’s hard-hitting morning radio show covers the ‘politically incorrect’ issues. Deputy PM Grant Robertson earlier this year cancelled his weekly interview due to the effect on his delicate constitution.

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Racial Equality Is Racist: Wait, What?
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