In words that Jacinda Ardern would surely approve, to really achieve global peace and justice, we must come together to fight discrimination wherever we find it. Especially gender discrimination.

Wherever and in whatever form we find it.

Thankfully, Queensland’s crime and corruption commission is coming down hard on a shocking example of gender discrimination in the Sunshine State.

A female inspector and two civilians have been suspended over a “discriminatory” drive for women to make up half of all new Queensland police recruits, despite it being ordered from the top.

It’s at this point that your third-wave feminist socialist type suddenly screeches, “What, what, WHAT?”

In a report tabled in state parliament on Wednesday, the Crime and Corruption Commission slammed the implementation of a gender target ordered by then police commissioner Ian Stewart in November 2015 to address the low number of women in the service.

At the time, about three-quarters of sworn Queensland police officers were men, and gender equity was seen as a key imperative of the state government.

This is where we see the true mendaciousness of “progressive” nostrums. “Equity” is very, very different to “equality”. Now, you and I might think that being non-discriminatory is treating everyone the same, regardless of their gender, skin colour, etc. That would, after all, be the antonym of “discrimination: the treatment of a person or particular group of people differently, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated”.

Well, you see: that’s why you’re not smart enough to be a Marxist-feminist theorist.

To be “non-discriminatory”, in fact you have to be very, very discriminatory, indeed.

To meet the target the police service resorted to selecting women who previously had failed psychological and physical assessments and standards, the CCC found. About 200 “more meritorious” men would have succeeded in becoming recruits across a three-year period if it wasn’t for the policy.

No one appeared to have given any serious thought to how the strategy would affect the organisation, the CCC says.

Not unlike the military. After all, only a fool would think that the whole point of an infantry soldier, let alone the Special Forces, is to be as fit, strong and deadly as humanly possible. The geniuses of “diversity and inclusion” know better than that.

Police Union president Ian Leavers in response labelled the use of quotas “woke, pandering nonsense”.

Mr Leavers said the report should put an end to the practice across the board, while Queensland’s first female police commissioner, Katarina Carroll, said women wanted roles on merit.

Whoa, whoa, there: if you start talking this dangerous, far-right guff about “merit”, you might make quota hires feel like they only got the job because of their identity, not because they were actually the best candidate.

Ms Carroll revealed that almost as soon as she was appointed commissioner in 2019 she scrapped the 50-50 gender equity target for recruits following feedback from women who believed the policy undermined their credibility.

“Their view was that ‘I got here on merit and I maintained all of the high standards to get through.’ That’s the way they wanted to be considered,” Ms Carroll said.

It’s so depressing, seeing such internalised patriarchal thinking afflict a bona fide victim group.

The CCC report says an investigation by the watchdog had found “ample evidence” that to achieve the target the Queensland Police Service — whose officers had been conditioned to not question orders from above — “engaged in discriminatory recruitment practices”[…]

“Staff of the QPS Recruiting Section were so intent on achieving this target that discriminatory recruitment practices were used.

“The discriminatory practices saw different standards applied to female and male applicants, with females selected in preference to male applicants who had performed to a higher standard across entry assessments.”

The Australian

I suppose they’ll be telling us next that diversity quotas only lead to an overall lowering of standards. Say it ain’t so.

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Ending Gender Discrimination in the Queensland Police

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