The government’s feed the kids school programme is running into headwinds. The Ministry of Education is now actively trying to discourage parents from feeding their own children and instead let the state take responsibility. It is Orwellian in the extreme:

Schools have been advised to discourage kids from eating their own home-packed lunch, and to wait until kids are hungry, to provide the Government’s free lunches.

But that’s policy a high school principal says doesn’t “sit right with him”.

On its website, The Ministry of Education gives advice for schools for the Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme, under a heading “how to get the most from lunches”.

It suggests schools create a 10-15 minute time slot for the provided lunch only, “while food from home stays in students’ bags”.

The advice also recommends schools wait for kids to get hungry before providing the lunch.

“Choose a time for lunch that will give your staff and akonga the most opportunity to benefit – healthy food tastes better if you are hungry,” it says.


There goes the government again, creating a them and us situation, and vilifying one group in favour of another. How very Orwellian and statist.

Starving kids so that they will eat the ‘healthy’ muck served up by Government slop-houses reeks of Oliver Twist.

They are treating children like dogs, which reminds me of an old story about the two farmers down country: Brown asked Jones what he fed his dogs.

“Turnip greens,” Jones replied.

“My dog wouldn’t eat turnip greens! exclaimed Brown.

Jones replied, “Nor would mine for the first three weeks.”

The same method is in play here by the Ministry of Education. Starving is the tactic you use with your cat to force it to catch mice.

The really interesting question though is why all the single-use plastic for school lunches?

And what about when they biff all the unused ones or give them away? All that plastic…surely the Government needs to end that practice forthwith?

Hundreds of leftover lunches are dropped off at community centres around Hamilton because they’ve been rejected by kids.

But I thought the idea was that the kids were already starving, hence the free lunches. It looks like it is just another crackpot Labour scheme to waste as much money as possible while virtue signalling.

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Ministry of Education: ‘Healthy Food Tastes Better If You Are Hungry’
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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