Pictures of Green MPs wearing scarves supporting Palestinians abound this week, after the terrorist group Hamas committed war crimes in their extreme terror attacks on Israel and Jewish Israeli citizens. It never seems to occur to them that the Palestinians committing the attacks are terrorists and the aggressors in these incidents. No. Their attitude is to blindly support the Palestinian people no matter how many war crimes they commit against Israel and the Jewish Israeli population.

But these people are members of the New Zealand parliament. We taxpayers are not paying them to fawn over the Palestinians. We are paying them to make the lives of New Zealanders better. But how often do we see them actually coming up with proposals to improve the lives of those who live here?

Not often, let’s face it – unless you count their attempt to legalise marijuana. I don’t count that, because making marijuana available to all won’t benefit our society in any way.

There are so many projects that the Greens could adopt that would improve the lives of New Zealanders and sit well with their climate change initiatives…. but they just don’t bother with any of them. There is so much that they could do that would help to restore their credibility with the voting public and do good things for the country at the same time.

They won’t, of course, but here are a few ideas anyway.

Even though we ‘recycle’ household plastics in this country, most of it ends up in landfills. Yes, we used to ship them overseas, but the emissions involved in that, if it bothers you (and it bothers the Greens, of course) made a nonsense of the whole practice. Now those countries have closed down that option, so the plastics are mostly collected by refuse collectors, but then sent to landfills.

How stupid, wasteful and ecologically damaging this is. Every time I see advertisements that brag about how their plastic bottles are now recyclable (Coca-Cola and some hair products come to mind), all I can think is – great. But how do we stop them going to landfills in this country?

There are so many things we could do. Plastics are mostly recyclable. We could turn them into fence posts, concrete, or many other things. We could collect them and return them for cleaning and reusing, but all such projects need funding, at least to get them off the ground. Why don’t the Greens back these initiatives and push for support through their parliamentary representatives? Is this not far better than trying to legalise marijuana? I’m sure some of these proposals would gain cross-party support.

Answer: because they are activists. They only go for Green projects if it suits them. For reasons that I do not understand, this particular project, which ticks every Green and ecological box that I can think of, does not suit them.

Okay then. How about this? The Greens always claim to be concerned about carbon dioxide emissions and, even though ours are very small, they insist that we have to get to net zero CO2 as soon as possible. New Zealand has significant emissions from transport, but the biggest emitter is agriculture. There is a lot that could be done about this, however. Overseas researchers are now producing special grasses that significantly reduce methane emissions from animals. Research and field trials with these ‘low emission grasses’ have been going on now for more than a decade.

Why is New Zealand not front and centre of this research? In fact, why are we not allowed to conduct such research here? The answer is simple. Some of these grasses are produced as a result of genetic modification. The Greens are totally and completely opposed to any form of GMO. It doesn’t matter that the research and trials are being done thoroughly overseas, to ensure safety once the grasses are in use. This is a matter of ideology for the Greens. They will fight to the death to keep any form of GMO out of the country, even if it means that we cannot reduce emissions as a result.

But that is no problem for the Greens. They hate farmers. They would happily reduce our strongest export earner to rubble. They wouldn’t care. As most Green supporters live in cities, it seems they think that all their food magically appears in supermarket trays, so why do we need farmers? This does not just apply to animal farming, of course. Vegetable production requires the use of pesticides and fertilisers, but they just don’t think that way. Farming is bad, so reducing emissions is simply not enough. They need to smash the sector to smithereens instead.

The Greens want everyone to drive electric cars… that is, if they must drive at all. They want to give significant discounts to buyers of electric vehicles, even though most of them would not need the discount. In the green world of ideology, such minor details don’t matter. But even James Shaw admits that we do not have the infrastructure to support the widespread use of electric vehicles. The answer, of course, would be to build the infrastructure. Do you hear the Greens clamouring for more power plants, more hydro lakes, or more dams to be built? You most certainly do not. Quite the reverse; every time there is a proposal for a new dam, even a small dam, the Greens, along with their bosom buddies, Forest & Bird, are out waving placards and signing up lawyers to tie up the proposal in red tape for decades.

The entire power structure of the country is seriously overloaded and in dire need of further support. Once again, the Greens don’t care. There was never a river, even one that nobody ever goes near, that they are prepared to spoil even slightly so that we can keep the lights on.

They tell us that it is a human right for everyone to have a warm, dry home… that is, unless the building of that warm, dry home might involve felling a tree. Then, as soon as you can say “Mung Beans”, someone had climbed up that tree and refuses to come down. Green supporters have prevented a number of housing developments from going ahead in this way. Warm, dry homes are super-important, but trees are much more important. With the number of trees being planted these days, particularly where farms used to be, everyone will have a tree to live in, although whether they are warm and dry is another matter.

Well, you know what they say. While the Greens are full of contradictions, another famous Green person once said – “It’s not easy being Green”. It would be a lot easier though, if they came down off their high unicorns and made an effort to do the job they are paid to do, instead of providing support to a terrorist organisation overseas that means little or nothing to most New Zealanders.

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