Labour is far too focused on pushing people out of cars and isn’t taking into account that private vehicles will always be used by Kiwis, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

Proposals floated to make the transport sector net carbon zero by 2050 include reducing the number of private vehicles on the road by 57 per cent.

“National agrees with Labour on the goal of zero emissions in our transport sector in the future, but we don’t support Kiwis being railroaded into a lifestyle that isn’t practical,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“We should be encouraging public transport use in our cities, particularly to get to and from work, and that means making sure it works for those using it.

“But cars will always play a role in the lives of New Zealanders, from dropping kids off at school to getting around the country. Labour doesn’t seem to realise that.

“Labour seem intent on pitting investment in public transport and investment in roads against each other. The reality is, New Zealand desperately needs more investment in both.

“If the goal is to reduce the number of petrol cars on the road in favour of EVs, why would we then want to halve the number of those cars on the road?

“We understand that these are just proposals at the moment, but it speaks to a wider focus of the Government when it comes to transport.

“Even in Let’s Get Wellington Moving the objective has changed from providing efficient and relivable access for all users, to reducing reliance on cars.

“Labour’s transport policy across the board is to push New Zealanders out of their vehicles.

“National on the other hand believes in giving Kiwis the choice between public transport and private vehicles, and making sure both options are as efficient as possible.”

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Michael Woodhouse – Labour Is Obsessed with Pushing Kiwis Out of Cars
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