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 The new one-liner from the lefty gang apologists is that “not all gang members are criminals, and not all criminals are gang members.” Well, with that bottom of the barrel basic level of logic, it is as fundamentally meaningless and pointless as saying “not all members of a terrorist organisation are terrorists, and not all terrorists are members of a terrorist organisation”. The answer from all the actual law-abiding citizens in this country is the exact same – “Bullshit”. 

There is a very good reason why we don’t believe them – it’s because the vast majority of the corrosive drugs in our country are facilitated by, distributed by, and profited from, by gangs. The vast majority of those who go through our courts are members of gangs. The vast majority of our prison population are members of gangs. The vast number of violent shootings, stabbings and beatings that have occurred lately on our streets have been by members of gangs. How dipstick stupid do they think we are?

Contrary to what a certain gang chapter ‘spokesperson’ of a certain gang wants you to believe, gangs don’t exist as a community volunteer group to help coordinate the handing out of sandwiches to homeless people. 

As every normal Kiwi knows, gangs exist precisely because they are anti-establishment and anti-society, and they operate with violence and intimidation to resist society’s rules. What’s most clear is that they maintain their existence by making money off selling the misery of drugs to our young and vulnerable. I challenge any so-called ‘gang spokesperson’ to say different.

With the exponential increase in violence over the past few months in our major cities, it has been blamed on the increase in the violent Australian gang 501s invading our country ‘jostling for position’ and that our ‘indigenous gangs’ are not to blame. And that may be true. But these Australian gangs are not coming into our country and attacking Grey Power. They are attacking established New Zealand gangs such as the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Hells Angels, and Head Hunters. That is only and solely because the Mongrel Mob and the like have already established territories of drug distribution which they have previously violently sorted out themselves – but now the Aussie gangs want to take over.  It’s pretty simple.

So how these gangs try to convince people that they are innocent, don’t hold illegal guns, don’t deal in meth, and don’t exist to intimidate society, really beggars belief. What’s worse is the media seem to be the ones that are most convinced and lap it up like it’s wokeness wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket. 

I wonder what that ‘gang spokesperson’ would advise a member of ISIS who wanted to distance themselves from being labelled a ‘terrorist’… tell them to keep waiving their ISIS flag but to keep claiming that they are truly part of a ‘family-focussed’ group?

Gang members can’t claim to be innocent and still be part of the gang. 

The fact is, if these gang members don’t want to be judged as violent thugs, labelled as drug dealers, or seen as criminals who exist only to intimidate and harass the public – then maybe they shouldn’t persist in wearing a patch representing a gang that specifically exists to do those things.

Gang Free. Cartoon credit The BFD.

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Gangs Can’t Have Their Meth and Smoke It Too
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