This Monday my wife and I were just finishing jazzing ourselves up to head off to a wedding in nearby Bet Shemesh when the air raid warning sirens started wailing. As protocol suggests we went downstairs to our home bomb shelter and waited the requisite ten minutes just to be on the safe side. I called the wedding hall and the father of the bride to see if the event had been cancelled, but couldn’t reach anyone. We decided that we would head off anyway to lend support to the happy couple, because hey it’s the biggest day in their lives and no missile barrage from Hamas nor anyone else should stop the happiness that gushes after tying the knot.

We sat at the wedding sipping and chewing and listening to the sound of Hamas missiles and Israeli F16s passing high overhead mixed with cheesy remixes of eighties hits followed by the traditional nasal Yemenite wedding vows.

Well here we are, another round of Palestinian Islamic madness expressed as is customary with short and medium-range missiles, all launched on the pretext that Al Aqsa mosque was in danger, being invaded by those dirty unclean Jews. Al Aqsa is doing just fine, no dirty Jewish invaders, just a detachment of police responding to rock-throwing and bottle-throwing emanating from within the precincts of the Temple Mount.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the perennial darlings of the world MSM, butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, but like your very own ‘tangata whenua’ these guys are perpetual victims, but on a global scale.

If you think your ‘locals’ are lifetime welfare bludgers, well these guys are generational in their troughing and they spend their ill-gotten gains on missiles, a lot of missiles purchased courtesy of the USA, EU, UNRWA, including funding from your very own MFAT NZ/AOTEAROA (or should the long white cloud come first?).

Above my daughter’s apartment last night in Tel Aviv. Hamas missiles being intercepted by Israel. Video credit The BFD.

In short, here we are again, round I don’t have enough fingers to count. But Hamas is firing, so far over 1000 rockets, that’s missiles only and intentionally at civilian targets. There is no greater war crime than firing 10, 20 and 30 kg warheads willy nilly at civilian population centres. These are primitive missiles that while carrying incredible destructive power cannot be targeted on anything in particular. In short if you aim in the general direction of Tel Aviv, the world’s your oyster, you could hit a hospital, a house, a kindergarten, who knows? This under international law is called a war crime, under the laws of proportionality in conflict that we hear so much about when Israel does anything, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have hit the disproportionality hat trick, “Allah Akbar” as the insane mobs shrill in these parts and beyond. 

Of course the world couches everything in terms of moral equivalence, “both sides should show restraint”, “we have to lower the flames”; nowhere do you see politicians or the media saying these Islamic barbarians are the ones who started this, are responsible for this and should cease fire immediately or else.

This is the new West and not how it was won. This is the West that celebrates claimants to victimhood. Of course, you will be bombarded with images of the poor cringing dust-covered miserable residents of Gaza, the “real bonafide victims”, crying children, hijab-wearing women slapping their foreheads screaming “yawalleh, yawalleh” (oh no). But these are the people that allowed Hamas and Islamic Jihad to move in next door with a truckload of missiles to launch at Israeli civilians or set up a missile command and control centre on the seventh floor of an upscale apartment block. “It’s not their fault”, but it’s not Israel’s fault either and conflicts are fought to be won. This isn’t a reality show where everyone hugs and empathises with each other (like in New Zealand). This ultimately is a fight of kill or be killed.

Anti-semitism, hatred for Jews, has over the last few decades reared its ugly head everywhere. Hate crime counts, if you can be bothered, show that anti-Jew hate crimes are the major incidence of hate crimes everywhere from the USA and Europe to Australasia. Black Lives Matters blows its trumpet everywhere as the go-to bona fide victims of hate crime, except the statistics don’t reflect that black and brown coloured peoples are the “real victims”; only the progressive narrative does. 

The Yids have their backs against the wall. They know that there is no safe haven anywhere in the world for them with the exception of Israel. My hope is that the Israeli Government and the IDF will whack Hamas and Islamic Jihad until they beg for Israel to stop and will not listen to the whining of the “it’s not fair” Europeans and progressive intellectual elites (all troughers).

Don’t forget that what comes around goes around and there is enough ‘Makawamah’ (resistance) for everyone and maybe their resistance will push back and destroy them. 

Well that’s what I hope.

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