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This is the seventh episode of the Right Minds Podcast, hosted by Dieuwe de Boer and Origen, recorded on the evening of Tuesday 4th May, 2021. The Right Minds Podcast will air right here every fortnight.

It’s been two years to the month since the previous episode of the Right Minds Podcast. Guest-host Origen now joins me as my co-host and we begin discussing the Royal Commission Report into the Christchurch massacre, the lack of capital punishment available at the sentencing of Brenton Tarrant, and we start untangling the reality of replacement migration, its origins and stated goals. The focus is specifically on how it has and will continue to affect New Zealand.

The podcast is available on Podbean and on Youtube. You can also add the feed directly to your favourite podcast reader or you can listen directly on the website.

The featured classical music is the movement “In Memoriam” from Jordi Savall: Lachrimae Caravaggio (Hespèrion XXI)

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Podcast #7: Royal Commission Report and Replacement Migration (Part 1)
Dieuwe de Boer

Dieuwe de Boer

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