The left have long venerated Scandinavia as a model of “democratic socialism”, even though Scandinavian countries aren’t remotely socialist. A fact that former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen was at pains to point out to Bernie Sanders in 2015.

But hey, there’s still the left’s beloved “Nordic model” of social cohesion, right? After all, Scandinavia rolled out the welcome mat to (mostly Muslim) “asylum seekers” – unlike wicked pariah Australia.

Except that the Scandinavians have learned their lesson – and they’re looking to Australia as their role model in dealing with foreign freeloaders.

Denmark is looking to follow Australia’s offshore detention policy and is to send asylum seekers to the land locked African country of Rwanda for processing.

The Danish government recently signed a deal with the Rwandan government to co-operate on migration and asylum, return and repatriation, border controls, combating illegal migration and human trafficking and terrorism as well as sharing information on criminals.

Rwanda is slowly recovering from the 1994 civil war and genocide and is willing to expand its work in assessing asylum seekers after being involved in recent resettlement of refugees.

It’s not just Scandinavia, either. And, like Nauru and New Guinea, Rwanda is probably banking on Western countries to pour money into its economy in exchange for taking a bunch of African grifters off their hands.

Israel quietly agreed a deal in 2018 for Rwanda to take African asylum seekers and is reportedly paying the country a fee of around $5000 a person. Rwanda is also co-operating with Libya, accepting thousands of African migrants under an expansion of an EU deal that initially saw the migrants sent to Niger.

In effect, though, the Danes are trying to fix the diabolical situation forced on the EU by Angela Merkel’s disastrous virtue-signalling. When she unilaterally declared Europe’s borders effectively open – with all its welfare benefits – to anyone who came, millions and millions took up the offer. European nations have been reaping the outcome – spiralling crime, especially rape, and terrorism – ever since.

Merkel’s stupidity has also benefitted criminal cartels at the expense of millions of Africans foolishly grasping at what they imagine is the European good life.

Danish Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye, and Development Minister, Flemming Moller Mortensen, returned from Rwanda last week after signing an memorandum of understanding that calls for changes to the unfair and unethical current asylum system, which is “incentivising children, women and men to embark on dangerous journeys along migratory routes, while human traffickers earn fortunes”.

“(It is) the vision of the Danish Government that the processing of asylum applications should take place outside of the EU in order to break the negative incentive structure of the present asylum system,” the agreement says.

The bone-headed asylum policies of virtue-signalling politicians are what Indonesian officials derisively called “the sugar on the table” that attracts “asylum seekers” – in reality, economic migrants – like ants. When the Rudd-Gillard government watered down the Howard border-protection policies, the response was almost immediate. Within months, the boats, which had altogether ceased, began arriving daily.

Officials have pointed to Australia’s immigration system as an example to follow in trying to deter economic migrants. Last year, amid the pandemic, Denmark received 1515 asylum-applications, the lowest number in 20 years. Just over 600 people were permitted to stay.

“It’s correct that it’s the government’s wish to establish a new asylum system where the processing of asylum claims is moved out of Denmark. We are in dialogue with a number of countries about that,” Mr Tesfaye told Danish television.

The Australian

No doubt the Australian left will be chuffed that their country is setting the precedent that their beloved Scandinavian countries are following.

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Denmark Follows Australia’s Lead on ‘Refugees’

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