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Latest from the former Free Speech Coalition. I’d urge all SOLOists to join but to maintain vigilance, scepticism … and a willingness to walk away.

These guys, unlike the co-founders of the UK Free Speech Union, have rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome. They not only denied, but lampooned the idea that Trump was the only person who stood between Western Civilisation and George Soros/Chinese Communist Party/Iranian Ayatollahs/Woke-Fascist Academia/Woke-Fascist Hollywood/Woke-Fascist Media/Woke-Fascist Silicon Valley and others of their despicable ilk.

They have remained silent as the New Zealand School of Music has committed itself to the terrorist group Only Black Lives Matter. Their lawyers have pocketed most moneys donated to their cause. Their poster-boy, Don Brash, militantly supported ‘Beijing Biden’ the Bastard, the most evil and illegitimate President ever, against Trump, the best ever.

They may claim to uphold the right to be eccentric and offensive, but they sidelined me—undeniably eccentric and offensive—from Day One, even as one of their number assured me that they all regarded me as their “conscience.”

If they come after you for your union dues, which they undoubtedly will in short order, demand accountability from them. Unions elect officers, for one thing. And they require that there be transparency as to how their dues are spent. And they don’t virtue-signal by proffering an alternative name in fashionable Maaaaaahdi and blathering on about “diversity” and “tolerance.”

“I disagree with what you say but defend to the death your right to say it” does not mean, “I renounce my right to call you evil.” And it does not mean, contrary to what follows, that private employers are not entitled not to employ Woke-Fascists.

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A Union Worth Joining?
Lindsay Perigo

Lindsay Perigo

Lindsay Perigo is a former radio and television newsreader and interviewer. He infamously left TVNZ in 1993 calling its news and current affairs "braindead." For many years he hosted The Politically...