A big warm Kiwi welcome to all our new BFD readers.

Since our biggest ever breaking story published in January last year The BFD has gained thousands of new readers. As I type our 2020 article BREAKING: The Raids Have Begun & I Was the First; All for a .22 Bunny Gun has had 104,809 views as of today.

Since that article published in 2020, there have been a number of important changes to The BFD.

We increased our Ram to help us handle the extra traffic and we replaced our Newspaper format with a simple to use New Media format that runs faster than its predecessor and provides the ease of use that our readers had been asking us for.

Additionally, we have added NEW Insight writers to our team to give our Silver subscribers and above a wider range of commentary.

We also welcomed Cartoonist BoomSlang to the team as a regular increasing the number of cartoons we offer our Bronze level subscribers and above to 4 a week.

HangonaMin has also joined the team and our Bronze subscribers and above now enjoy his hilarious satirical Woke Examiner once a week.

Our number of articles per day has also increased markedly and many have commented that whereas they previously had time to read all our content and the commenting sections there now is far too much for them to get through.

The BFD has already made its mark in the NZ Media marketplace and despite being the new kid on the block this month came 4th out of the top 15 media sources beating StuffNewstalkZBThe SpinoffRadioNZTVNZKiwiblog, Newsroom, The Daily BlogNewshubScoop and The Standard.

The BFD was also rated the least biased out of the only two right-leaning media organisations in New Zealand.

If you haven’t already subscribed to The BFD please support us today so that we can finance our expansion plans for the future and continue to keep our engine room humming.

The BFD is New Zealand’s newest and freshest News & Views website and we want to be fighting fit primed and ready for an exciting 2023 election year.

We are your Brash, Focused and Dedicated site for news, views and social commentary on issues locally and around the world, that matter to you.

Today I ask you one and all to subscribe to ensure that The BFD will be here this year, next year and in the years ahead.

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Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

Editor of The BFD: Juana doesn't want readers to agree with her opinions or the opinions of her team of writers. Her goal and theirs is to challenge readers to question the status quo, look between the...