3rd May 2021

Headline from today’s state-controlled newspaper. The BFD.
The BFD.

The above picture shows who is controlling the shots at the Global New Light of Myanmar. (No pun intended).

Information on detained Myanmar Journalists:

  1. Detained Journalists – 73
  2. Released Journalists – 30
  3. Arrested Journalists- 43
  4. Prosecuted Journalists – 42
  5. Arrest Warrants – 22
  6. Prosecuted Media – 1
  7. Revoked Licenses – 6

So much for the enhancement of freedom of expression.

A statement was released today by various embassies.

The BFD.

Does anyone see a certain irony in New Zealand being a signatory to this?

Social media have comments to make. A couple of the cartoons are old dating from pre the 2015 election but are still relevant.

The BFD.
The BFD.
The BFD.
The BFD.

But the journalists still try to get the truth out.

The truth will out, no matter what the handicaps. The BFD.

The truth will out, no matter what the handicaps.

The BFD.

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