There was actually a negative headline in the editorial of May 2, 2021, about Joe Biden in the Herald on Sunday. It said, “President nobody is watching”. Then a bit of sarcasm was added. “In case you missed it President Joe Biden held his first address to Congress on Thursday”.

This is akin to saying, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

When I saw the headline I presumed it was about Trump as I’ve never experienced a pro-Trump headline yet, and expected this was going to be a cover-up for Biden’s poor ratings. Perhaps the Herald on Sunday has picked up a bit of courage from WAPO (Washington Post) and ABC who are leading the charge and saying that Biden is not popular. We know the Wokeists are Pied Piperish and will follow the other Wokerati.

According to Nielsen, 26.9 million viewers across 16 television networks watched Biden. That seems a reasonable number, but not when you compare it to the 47.7 million who watched Trump’s first speech to a joint session of Congress in 2017. It also is not reasonable when we have been told that Biden got 81 million votes in 2020 and is supposed to be the most popular president ever.

Nielsen also pointed out that Obama had 52.4 million viewers for his first speech to Congress in 2009. Biden’s speech has got the lowest number of viewers in 28 years.
Perhaps Dominion can rustle up a few more views for Biden as they allegedly did votes in the election.

Perhaps the lack of viewers at the Oscars, only 11.6 million, which was about half of those who watched it last time, and the lack of viewers for Biden’s speech, are an indication that the populace are turning off wokeism. If that wokeism includes a lockdown of Americans versus hundreds of thousands of illegals with new strains of Covid running free, perhaps the penny has dropped – or is that the dollar?

The Herald on Sunday finishes, “Trump must be chortling into his Diet Coke.” I bet he is and more.

Joe Biden is the cuckoo in the nest. Photoshopped Image credit The BFD.

Joe Biden is actually ‘Joe Cuckoo’, the parasite bird that lays its egg in other birds’ nests. When the real nest owner’s own eggs are hatched, the cuckoo flings them from the nest. The ‘golden eggs’ that Joe Biden has so far thrown out are jobs, energy independence for America, borders and border safety (which includes the blocking of criminals, sex trafficking, and terrorist infiltration). Biden will also introduce some new ‘eggs’ like higher taxes and massive spending programs, most of which are pet projects to keep the Wokerati happy.

The cuckoo used to appear regularly in the English countryside in spring and early summer but was associated with infidelity. In ‘Joe-Cuckoo’s’ case, it could be linked to infidelity to America and usurping of the presidency. And the phrase ‘gone Cuckoo’ generally refers to someone who has lost their mind.

Here is a 1625 English Merry Maying song about the cuckoo’s infidelity and usurping.

The Smith that on his anvil the iron hard doth ding:
He cannot hear they Cuckoo though he loud doth sing,
In poynting of slow harness, he Labour’s till he sweat,
While another in his forge at home may steal a private heat.

Silicon Valley Censorship

Even if the American courts won’t do it, a Russian court has ordered Google to restore a conservative site to YouTube. The Russian oligarch who owns the site has offered to join with Trump in establishing new platforms where conservatism is not banned.

Poland is leading the way for a Big Tech revolt against Silicon Valley, saying a post cannot be banned on ideological reasons, but only if a Polish law is broken. It and others take the view that Silicon Valley is ruling by default in what amounts to a globalist drive to do away with sovereignty.

Even the NY Times, that well-known bastion of the left, is sounding ‘right’ now. It said that the “Techlash” is just starting. For the NYT to show animus to Facebook, Google and Twitter is certainly a departure from their normal modus operandi.  Axios says that there is a “storm brewing”.

American Politics

The Democrats are running scared. They have sent 100 attorneys to the state of Arizona to defend themselves against the charges of a great “Steal” and have tried to block the hand count. This is about one attorney for every day Biden has been in office!  As his first hundred days have been abysmal, he needs them.

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