Today The BFD’s two amazing cartoonists SonovaMin and BoomSlang go head to head.

They have each supplied The BFD with 6 cartoons

Only one cartoon can be the winner of each round.

The cartoonist who wins 4 or more rounds will be The BFD’s Cartoonist of the year.

If each cartoonist wins 3 rounds then their three top cartoons will go head to head until we have a winner.

The BFD’s 2021 Cartoonist of the year is…

Please consider your choices carefully.

Cartoon (A)
Cartoon (B)

** Both our cartoonists this year entered the Voyager Awards. The entry form asks for the editor’s name and contact details but BFD editor Juana Atkins was not contacted by them for either of our cartoonists’ submissions.

We don’t believe that their work was even shown to the judges based on what has happened in past competitions.

On one occasion in the past, an Aussie judge was asked what he thought of one of our cartoonist’s submission and he confirmed that he had never even been shown the cartoons.

We think that is unfair and so with our cartoonists’ permission, we created this light-hearted competition where our subscribers who already know and love their work are the judges.


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The BFD Cartoonist of the Year Competition 2021
The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.