In November last year four protesters who stormed an offshore supply vessel were convicted and “discharged” for wilful trespass in the Timaru District Court. Judge Joanna Maze, in passing sentence, had this to say to the protesters: “In time you may be referred to not as offenders, but as leaders“.

This same judge in 2013 fined a chopper pilot $3,750 for gravely offending Ngai Tahu’s ‘ancestor’ Aoraki (Mt Cook) by (not landing on) but hovering over it whilst going about his business with his tourist passengers. In passing sentence, Judge Joanna Maze said the offence was “seen as one of sacrilege to those to whom Mt Cook is of central cultural importance”. “The fact that you did it in the interests of trade, is a double offence,” she said.

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If ever one needed evidence that our judiciary has slid into the vast cavern of socialist political wokeness, then there you have it. Both the above trials appear to have been affected by Judge Joanna Maze’s opinionated political leaning whilst passing sentence.

Socialism does not have a conscience. It discharges justice according to its destructive doctrine. Whilst a man is crucified for earning his crust as a chopper tourist guide, a group of protesters are discharged; regardless of their causing major disruption to a vessel going about its lawful business. But the biggest crime according to the judge was “the fact that the chopper pilot did it in the interests of trade, and this in itself was an offence”.

You wouldn’t read about it, but unfortunately, I did. “God defend New Zealand”. And I only hope that Mount Cook has received appropriate intervention to arrest the trauma it suffered and that the protesters will become the leaders of Aotearoa. Thank God my life is all but spent. I don’t think I want to live much longer.

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Offenders Described as ‘Leaders’ by Judge
By George

By George

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