Saturday, 1 May 2020. Stuff’s front page, “Most popular”:

Sometime in the ensuing hours:

Sinead, Sinead…is that you, it’s Helen, you’re on speaker to Heather, we’re all here, all of us. Sinead; what were you thinking? Get that piece cremated…

What do you mean; you can’t do that? Ok, ok..then bury it…just bury it, and set the attack dogs on Collins’.

6.28am. Sunday, 2 May 2020. Stuff front page, “Most popular.”

Isn’t that remarkable; kittens, how a story can go from ‘Most popular’ to not even featuring in the top eight just six short hours later? Amazing, eh? Oh, and an editorial attacking Collins:

And a cartoon, ditto:

I love the scent of Lefty Panic in the morning, don’t you?

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I Love the Scent of Lefty Panic in the Morning, Don’t You?

Living in Wellington idbkiwi is self-employed in a non-governmental role which suits his masochistic tendencies. He watches very little television, preferring to read or research, but still subscribes...