Now I know how the left feel whenever they get someone cancelled. Maybe.

Not, I should hasten to add, that I delude myself that I had any hand in the matter, nor, for that matter, would I have wanted the cancellation – or postponement as it really is – to happen.

I’m talking, of course, about one-time comedian-turned-leftist-harridan Magda Szubanski, and the sudden announcement that her new vehicle, a resurrection of game show The Weakest Link, has been delayed.

Controversial media personality Magda Szubanski’s return to the TV screen has been delayed and comes after she recently lashed out at the Prime Minister’s wife […]

A Nine spokesman confirmed the reboot of the television game show has been delayed.

“Due to the tight production schedule Weakest Link will now launch at the end of May on Channel 9,” he said.

Sure, that’s their excuse and they’re sticking to it.

As I’ve reported previously, Szubanski was once a comedian (in a sort of sideshow-grotesque fashion) but has more recently decided that she’s a political commentator. As celebrities have a deplorable habit of doing, Szubanski has dutifully parroted fashionably far-left causes and jumped on a succession of left-wing pile-ons – all while whining and weeping that she “needs a hug” the instant anyone disagrees with her.

Still, Australians are a long-suffering lot, when it comes to our alleged “celebrities”. But, it seems that Szubanski finally did her dash by shilling for “Dictator Dan” Andrew’s hated COVID lockdowns. So, when Szubanski also joined in yet another ugly leftist Twitter pile-on of the PM’s wife, ordinary Australians – oops, “right-wing trolls” – gave her a well-deserved serve.

Szubanski came under fire earlier this month after commenting on social media platform Twitter about a photo posted online of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s wife Jenny [Morrison], standing near her husband while he signed a condolence book for Prince Philip following the royal’s death.

She referred to the photo and wrote: “I genuinely thought this was a photoshopped Handmaid Tale’s meme. But no. It’s 21st century Aussie life”[…]

Szubanski also retweeted far-left activist group Mad F** Witches post about the photo: “Good morning to everyone else to whom this feels creepy, chilling, terrifying, ominous, enraging, despairing and utterly, completely f*** depressing.”

Nine tried trotting Szubanski out for a face-saving effort on A Current Affair, but the soft-soaping interview seems to have done little to dampen public ire.

The 8.50pm timeslot for the return of Weakest Link will be replaced on Tuesday by the movie Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle.

An official launch date for the Weakest Link is yet to be confirmed.

The Australian

Is this what the left feel, all the time? The shameful thrill of schadenfreude?

I suspect not, actually – because the left clearly feel no shame, but actually celebrate cancelling anyone and everyone who fails to dutifully toe their increasingly rigid line.

On the other hand, I do not want to see Szubanski’s show cancelled by a scrambling, frightened network. The show should have gone ahead and been left to the audience to vote with their remotes. If people were willing to endure Szubanski, or if they fled in droves, the market would have spoken, not the inquisitors.

Still, it’s almost certain that the network are doing the sensible thing and waiting to let the whole fracas die down and run the show in a few weeks, hoping that everyone’s forgotten about it.

If only they’d show the same fortitude when the Twitter mob attacks the next Gina Carano or J. K. Rowling.

Still, maybe Magda’s had a valuable lesson in keeping her big gob shut and just doing her job: trying to be funny.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

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