An Open Letter:

Dear Mr Deeply-Disappointed,

I was moved, almost to tears, not by the terrible photo your propaganda arm chose to illustrate your comments, but by your heartfelt words of concern for the sub-group of Aotearo-ites consistently suffering worse health outcomes, and shorter life-expectancy, than other sub-groups, and the failure to improve those outcomes pro-rata despite all the advances of modern medicine over one-hundred and eighty years.

To take the initiative in creating a separate Health Authority charged with improving things for that sub-group is commendable and your quip about relative ownership of resources and allocation of such shows your mind as sharpness is to a pin, just as your heart is in all the right places.

Far be it for me to point to any paradoxes in your position, but there’s another sub-group suffering worse health outcomes, higher morbidity, higher injury rates and lower life-expectancy relative to other sub-groups of population despite all the advances of modern medicine over the last one-hundred and eighty years. They are called men, or males, I believe you are quite familiar with them.

So: are you going to establish a Male Health Authority, using identical justifying criteria, charged with improving the inequitable outcomes for this extremely well-documented as disadvantaged cohort? And if not; why not?

Or is this a farce; an extremely expensive and unnecessary sop to the radical lefty racial-separatists infesting the pews of the Labour Party church, just as Ms Collins implied?


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