Remember Politico’s “Trump Lies Database”? Aside from the irony that most of it was blatant lies about Trump supposedly lying, it’s notable that they’re not running a similar hit-job on Joe Biden. In fact, they’ve outright said that they won’t. They certainly aren’t keeping track of VP Kamala Harris’s porkies – perhaps because her proclivity for bullshitting would just burn them out.

Consider, for instance, her vice-presidential debate with Mike Pence: Harris denied that a Biden administration would ban fracking (in fact, that was one of Biden’s first acts in office); stated that, as California AG, she mandated that all police wear body cameras (she didn’t: in fact, she openly opposed such a move); refused to answer on Supreme Court packing (call that a lie by omission).

Then there are the homey little lies she likes to spin in order to make herself seem remotely like an appealing human being. Harris has repeatedly told the story that she demanded “Fweedom” as a toddler: in fact, she stole the story from MLK. She has similarly claimed that, “I was only the second class to integrate in Berkeley Public Schools.”: records show that Berkeley High School was fully integrated a year before she was even born.

But Harris is the last person to let inconvenient facts stand in the way of folksy racial anecdotes.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris recently tweeted:

“Our Kwanzaa celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories. The whole family would gather around across multiple generations and we’d tell stories and light the candles. Whether you’re celebrating this year with those you live with or over Zoom, happy Kwanzaa!”

Post some pictures, Kamala! We’d love to see your Brahmin and Jamaican grandparents sitting around the Kwanzaa candles recalling celebrations way back when they were three or four years younger.

The only problem is that Kwanzaa was invented by an underground black supremacist when little Kamala was still barely able to lisp, “Fweedom”.

Even worse for Harris’s quest for intersectional leftist purity is the fact that it was invented by a racist FBI stooge.

The late 60s was a weird time in American politics. Faced with an onslaught of bomb-throwing long-hairs and gun-toting Negroes, authorities were clearly dumbfounded. Hence, COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program), which, among other craziness, attempted to discredit and split the radical left by funding and encouraging even more far-out extremists. The weirder, the better.

Enter Ron “Maulana” Karenga, FBI stooge (Karenga was knowingly provided financial, arms, and other support by law enforcement), and virulent racist.

[Karenga’s] United Slaves were proto-fascists, walking around in dashikis, gunning down Black Panthers and adopting invented “African” names[…]

It’s as if David Duke invented a holiday called “Anglika,” which he based on the philosophy of “Mein Kampf” — and clueless public school teachers began celebrating the made-up, racist holiday[…]

The esteemed Cal State professor Karenga’s invented holiday is a nutty blend of schmaltzy ’60s rhetoric, black racism and Marxism. The seven principles of Kwanzaa are the very same seven principles of the Symbionese Liberation Army, another invention of The Worst Generation.

In words that should chillingly and forcefully remind us of a contemporary violent black supremacist movement, Karenga admitted to not only being a trained Marxist but a budding Critical Race Theorist.

When Karenga was asked to distinguish Kawaida, the philosophy underlying Kwanzaa, from “classical Marxism,” he essentially said that, under Kawaida, we also hate whites[…]

While taking the “best of early Chinese and Cuban socialism” (Is that the mass murder or the seizure of private property?), Karenga said Kawaida practitioners believe one’s racial identity “determines life conditions, life chances and self-understanding.”

This is a point-for-point enunciation of BLM’s core ideology.

As it happens, there’s another reason for calling bullshit on Kamala’s Kwanzaa reminiscences.

Kwanzaa emerged not from Africa, but from the FBI’s COINTELPRO. It is a holiday celebrated exclusively by idiot white liberals. Black people celebrate Christmas.


Her family is Jamaican/Indian: not a white liberal among them.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for mainstream media to call out either her lies or her endorsement of a fake holiday invented by a racist FBI puppet.

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Harris’s Fake Reminiscence on a Fake Holiday

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