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Great.  Our Mother Country, the United Kingdom once was lucky enough to have Margaret Thatcher as their celebrated Iron Lady to alleviate the sick excesses of socialism in Britain during the 80s decade.  Thirty odd years later, New Zealand gets lumped with Jacinda Ardern as our celebrated Wet Noodle advancing the even sicker cause of a march toward communism “with Chinese characteristics” in New Zealand.  

Our most sacred and inalienable human right has been lined up in the cross-hairs waiting to be shot to hell by Ardern’s woke fascist government – the right to speak freely as prescribed in NZ’s Bill of Rights:

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

This cornerstone freedom of our civilisation allows us to debate robust ideas of any kind in any manner: religion, sex, standards of decency, human conduct, economics, immigration, social welfare, technology, science, medicine and foreign affairs. 

Our government plans to bastardise that central liberty in effect to something despicably close to: 

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, except if that expression may be perceived by anyone as an incitement of disharmony, based on an intent to stir up, maintain or normalise hatred, through threatening, abusive or insulting communications. 

This regressive decline of a nation from live-and-let-live liberty to emotionally subjective and heavily policed constraints is what happens when dumbed-down, Marxism-infected activists preoccupied with impression-management skills become prime ministers in order to enact vicious agendas upon citizens who are too busy to bother much with political matters – it’s much easier in the face of bad governance to just go along to get along, and that bobbing head with the gummy grin on TV looks “nice enough.”  

Vast years of luxurious peace and prosperity have resulted in unparalleled political apathy without the required intellectual vigilance to maintain such a gold standard of a status quo.  Citizens have shamefully forgotten that this peace and luxury was bought at the very highest price of all: with the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers.

Democracies cannot function without freedom of speech and that is exactly why all totalitarian regimes throughout human history, from Xerxes to Xi Jinping, outlaw this civilising principle first before outlawing everything else that they don’t like.  Opposition is never allowed to stand unmolested (not that New Zealand has much in that regard anyway) because real opposition spreads, so long as people are free to think, speak, mock, satirise and criticise.

The BFD. Cartoon credit SonovaMin

Nothing is more dangerous to New Zealand than this destructive intention from our government and they, the autocrats who now rule us, know damn-well what they are doing and it is precisely done to silence even a hint of opposition to their twisted, anti-freedom ideology which has been looming ever since the Christchurch mosque shootings of 2019. 

It was this tragic event which conveniently (for her) saw Ardern suddenly bring up hate speech laws – as if any new laws would’ve stopped a killer such as Brenton Tarrant from slaying anyone.  They would not have.  Unhinged murderers will continue to do terrible things whether they are free to talk about them or not, and Tarrant did not.  Sure, he wrote a manifesto, but that was only released to the public immediately before he went on his rampage. He was the typically quiet, super polite, loner weirdo next door who didn’t say much even when the police interviewed him for his gun license – even they suspected nothing.

But although the Christchurch massacre has been the great excuse to see their way clear to restricting free speech, speech which may hurt the sensitive feelings of anyone now living in this country, this is just a mighty and opportunistic ruse – and many people here know that.  

Limiting free speech has become an obsession with the ignoble courtiers of Wokedom right throughout the Western world. Even the most rudimentary glance at media will show you just how successful they’ve been at wasting police time in the United Kingdom. Don’t make any comment about homosexuals or lesbians, don’t criticise anybody who changes their sex, don’t dare to criticise disabled people even accidentally, don’t say anything which could be ever so slightly construed as a criticism of black people or brown people – and now after Covid, don’t criticise Asians. Above all, never ever criticise women, no matter how flakey, shallow, manipulative or vapid they might actually be – just look the other way and say nothing especially if you happen to be a man. In the Book of Woke, to transgress against that last one is akin to a mortal sin.  Women rule, men drool.  Got it?  Of course male jerks exist in abundance too, but I cannot imagine that too many of those will run crying to the nearest police officer to get a hate speech charge slapped on an irritated woman who just ruthlessly sized him up verbally.  Women however…

When Jacinda Ardern was first elected as PM, a woman who before being groomed for office had accomplished precisely zero as a liberated human being, I asked a few ladies in the circle of my acquaintance why the heck they voted for her? You know what the answer was (and said with a straight face too)?  “I think it’s great to see women in positions of power and want to see more of it,” or sentiments similar.  In other words, they voted for her because she possessed a vagina.  These are women who emotionally rail sharply against all other forms of sexism, even those depicted in satire.  They were too lost in their culturally sanctioned disdain of the mythical patriarchy to notice the irony.

Well, now they can behold the reality of what that woman in power is really like as she stands ready to pounce on the free thoughts and expressions of the entire country, if they even bother to notice. 

Ardern’s agenda is anti human flourishing, and as I’ve said somewhere before, she’s unworthy to be the leader of a free people.  NZ remaining a strong nation of free people angers her, for it’s the greatest threat to her beloved United Nations Agenda 2030.  

What is Agenda 2030?  If you don’t know, you may just be proving my point about people lacking vigilance as they cannot be bothered keeping up with political matters happening all around them. Agenda 2030 is no joke.  It’s one world communism (of course they like to call it socialism, the C-word is always avoided) being enacted by globalist entities as we speak – and the China-released SARS-CoV-2 virus was their greatest gift to removing cherished, Western human freedoms which are as much of an obstacle as President Trump was.  

If you think the Great Reset is just a “giant conspiracy theory” like NZ’s Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson recently, and duplicitously, said to Peter Williams on air, then you’re an ostrich who lacks political literacy. Just peruse the World Economic Forum’s website – the Davos crowd adore Ardern for a reason, and it isn’t her commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for she does not jibe with that language. Their adoration for Ardern lies in her relentless use of their favourite euphemism “sustainability,” or as Ardern always says in her signature smiley baby-talk, “susdainabuludy.” What’s that a euphemism for?  Centralised controls over everything from food production and diets to economics and social interactions, including how we speak about ideas and each other.  “Be koind!”

Jacinda Ardern is proving herself to be that which all decent men (and women) fear from the so-called fairer sex – a tyrant with a lust for power to silence all criticism of her incompetence, her weakness and her disgustingly anti-freedom lunges.  All Marxists are the same when scratched or tested.  She stands in complete contrast to the freedom loving, truly powerful Dame Margaret Thatcher whom I wish were still with us if only to directly give a two-bit, little ‘Ms. Fascista’ in the colonies a piece of her formidable mind. 

[The only pushback I can see right now against this evil intent from our government is coming from the ACT Party, though it remains characteristically lukewarm, but you can sign their petition here.]

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Ardern Intent on Smashing Free Speech
Olivia Pierson

Olivia Pierson

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