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Dr Elizabeth Kerekere 

During Waitangi this year the Green Party’s Te Matawaka caucus announced their priority for an independent Maori Health Authority. We have heard the call from Tangata Whenua wanting any authority to be independent, and properly resourced.

“For too long Maori have not received the proper care in the health system, whether they are patients or staff. We want to push for a genuinely empowered and independent Maori Health Authority to ensure iwi, hapu and whanau have access to the best and most appropriate care.” Green Party spokesperson for Health Dr Elizabeth Kerekere said today.

“We have seen how fast changes can be made through Parliament, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is only right that we do the same for iwi and hapu when there are equality issues within the health system.

“We are calling for a fully resourced independent Maori Health Authority to honour the restoration of Tino Rangatiratanga into the hauora of our people. It is about time Maori had the authority to decide on funding and commissioning as identified by Maori experts who have long championed equity in health.

“Te Ao Maori have the expertise to care for, nurture and grow the wellbeing and health system for tangata whenua. We hold the mana and matauranga from our tipuna of how we awhi whanau whether they are unwell a tinana or a hinengaro – body or mind.

“The time has finally come for the government to understand and acknowledge Tino Rangatiratanga and Manaakitanga as the foundation of Tikanga Maori when honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Health is a Treaty issue and the Greens will continue to push Te Tiriti to be embedded in a new independent Maori Health Authority.

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The Greens Call for an Empowered Independent Maori Health Authority
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