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Independently-thinking NZers know that the Ardern regime is hopeless, incompetent, dishonest, and, frankly, betraying us. Hard-working NZers are sick of seeing their taxes absolutely squandered by this lot. But the sheep, and there are many of them judging by the 50%+ that voted for Ardern, are sleep-walking along in some delusional fog thinking she is wonderful and has saved us all. Which we all know is utter rubbish.

The incompetence of the day-to-day stuff such as Kiwibuild, mental health, border control, is matched by quite a sinister deliberate betrayal of our rights and values – very deliberate and dangerous. And I believe Ardern knows exactly what she is doing.

I loathe her and her regime, and I will say it while I still can. This is the worst and most destructive government I have ever seen in my life.
What will it take to wake up NZ? How low and how bad does it have to get? There must be plenty of higher-up bureaucrats and captains of industry who at some point will want or need to plot her downfall. But at the moment the show rolls on. And NZ as we know it is more and more threatened.

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