Dear Editor

I’m a Muriwai local and just wanted to give you a heads up on the council wanting to ban cars on Muriwai beach.

There are 3 meetings for public consultation. One was at Waimauku last week. The brown-nosed socialist gnome Phelan Phirre is conducting these meetings and the Waimauku meeting was a fiasco. Everyone deeply dislikes him out here and were demanding to know where the “more important decision-makers” were.

There is another one at South head on Thursday 22nd at 7-9 pm and the big one at the Muriwai surf club on the 27th. I have asked Phelan if this is the start of the 2011 marine and coastal act and the 2030 United nations indigenous declaration agenda? He claims to know nothing about either. 

Heaps of locals went to Chris Penk’s office to ask why the hell he wasn’t there and they knew nothing about these meetings, but he assured me he will be at the Muriwai one. I’ve already asked him about the marine and coastal act and he also claims to not know anything about it!

I’ll let you know how it goes but I’d say it’s going to get ugly.

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Letter to the Editor: Driving on Muriwai Beach


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