We’re told that tracer apps are for our own protection and to stop the spread of Covid, but if what’s happening overseas is any indication, then that is a big lie. It seems you must comply or lose your livelihood.

ReclaimTheNet reports:

Many have feared that invasive location tracking tech, once it gets introduced as a necessity to help anything from curbing the spread of the virus, to ensuring productivity of workers suddenly forced to work remotely because of the pandemic, would eventually become normalized, and have serious repercussions.

These predictions seem to be slowly materializing as reports start cropping up of people caught between a rock and a hard place: either lose their privacy, or their job.

I can’t say I’m surprised. And it all starts with: “it’s for the greater good”.

One of them is Michelle Dionne, a custodian in a school in Canada, who got fired by the company contracted by the school to provide cleaning services because she refused to use a location tracking app on her personal phone.

This type of mass surveillance technology already has a “cute” jargon name – tattleware – and is supposed to allow companies to keep an eye on employees remotely, by attaching tracking devices to their cars, recording their computer mouse activity, as well as their GPS location.

[…] As these apps and devices are more and more often becoming a requirement and used more widely, they are raising some red flags among those who want to see more legal protections for people forced to use them and compromise their privacy in this way.

Dionne said that she received no information about any of this from her former bosses.

Losing your job for not using a stupid app is a level of insidiousness that fortunately hasn’t reached our shores … yet. I haven’t installed the MOH Tracer app, never will, and so far haven’t been pulled up for not scanning in or signing a form. If I ever did get pulled up I’d point to my head and say, “this is my tracer app.”

The BFD. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

In short, the Tracer app is probably the most dangerous threat to our liberty to happen in my lifetime. And don’t get me started on places refusing to allow people who won’t take the vaccine …


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Sacked for Refusing to Use “Tattleware”

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