How do free countries slide into dictatorship? One goose-step at a time.

At the risk of invoking Godwin’s Law, it’s nonetheless true that European Jews did not just wake up one morning and find themselves being marched into cattle-trucks out of nowhere. The “Final Solution” was the culmination of years of slow, steady stripping away of a people’s rights and a jackboot grinding harder and harder, step by step.

At every step, the brutalised and dehumanised thought that that was as bad as it was going to get. No one in 1935 would have believed that a pathway was being built to genocide. Anyone who said so would have been called a “conspiracy theorist” (Churchill was indeed publicly vilified for his “war-mongering” during the era of appeasement).

Now, I’m not suggesting that our COVID-empowered governments are about to start rounding up the un-vaccinated and trucking them off to death camps. The Nazi analogy is used only because it is the textbook example of how a modern state slid into the worst territory.

What I am suggesting is that governments are using the Wuhan plague as a lever to seize once-unthinkable dictatorial powers, step by step.

Every step of the way, those who warn against the spreading COVID dictatorship are sneered at as “conspiracy theorists”.

Yet, every time, they’re right.

Vaccine passports, for instance, have been repeatedly derided as just another crazy conspiracy theory.


Scott Morrison has revealed his “first goal” to reconnect Australia to the rest of the world will be allowing vaccinated Australians to go overseas “for important purposes” – like work, medical reasons or funerals – and return via home quarantine.

Australians already abroad who had been “properly vaccinated” would also be able to come back in the same way, significantly freeing up the hotel quarantine system, but it was unclear what brand of COVID-19 vaccine they would be required to have.

Who wants to take bets that this “first step” becomes permanent?

“That would enable Australians to travel first for business and those sorts of things but ultimately if that worked well over a period of time and the data was showing that home-based quarantine was not creating any additional, scaled risks, that could lead to something more significant. That is how we move to the next step.

That would require being vaccinated and I think that would be an important incentive to do that.”


The Prime Minister also nominated Singapore as the next country for a travel bubble.

The Australian

Why Singapore?

As vaccination rollouts gather pace across [Singapore], attention is now turning to vaccine passport as a key to restart more domestic activities and potentially international travel.



But, hey, tell me again how vaccination passports are just a crazy conspiracy theory.

Vaccine passports – now available in a handy app! The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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‘Vaccine Passports Are Just a Consp–’

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