So… just who won the Cold War?

When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down, cold warrior Ronald Reagan would have been justified in thinking that he had successfully stared down the Evil Empire.

30 years later, it’s not so clear.

One thing is certain: Even Putin’s Russia seems a damned sight freer than America today.

Putin has his enemies jailed, but that’s now official policy in America. In the case of Putin, he does not relish in the torment of his opponents. There is some hint of shame there. In America, members of the regime take pleasure in tormenting those who speak out against them.

Remember when a Bernie Sanders campaign strategist was caught on tape, demanding gulags for Trump supporters? Looks like he got his wish.

Take, for example, the case of Alexey Navalny, the CIA-sponsored critic of Putin who is now in jail. He claims poor treatment at the hands of the government, but he is able to speak to the media about it. In contrast, there are an unknown number of people in jail right now over the January protests. One was beaten by guards to the point where he lost sight in one eye.

Unlike with Alexey Navalny, The New York Times and The Washington Post are not demanding Ronald Sandlin be set free. The great and the good are not calling him a political prisoner, despite the fact he is literally in jail for politics. The folks who tell us “democracy dies in darkness” are happy that Ronald Sandlin now lives in darkness at the hands of the state. The political prisoners being held by the Biden regime envy Alexey Navalny.

But the disappearance of the Capitol protesters into a brutal, opaque gulag system is just one extreme of the new dictatorship in Washington. Freedoms that Americans just a few years ago would have taken for granted have been summarily stripped away.

Russian citizens can walk up to the Kremlin and take pictures of it and themselves in front of it without fear of being shot by the army. Americans, on the other hand, will be sent to prison for daring such a radical act. People protest in Moscow all the time. As long as they are peaceful, they are left alone. Protest is banned in Washington now.

Free speech was the founding glory of the American republic. Was.

It is in the area of speech where we see the near total collapse of moral authority regarding political freedom. A generation ago, there were few topics that were banned from the public square. Despite the Cold War, communists could openly declare themselves in favor of communism. Even Nazis could get a hearing. The ACLU defended their right to march through Jewish neighborhoods.

Not only are [non-persons] banned from the public square, no one is allowed to mention them in the media.

It is not just people getting proscribed. Whole topics are anathematized. Tucker Carlson brought up the fact that the ruling regime is outspoken in its desire to replace white people with nonwhites from abroad. The media is now demanding he be fired. Here are CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post endorsing the call for him to be fired. Soviet media were never so blatant in their opposition to free speech and open debate.

Just as America led the “free world” during the Cold War, it is today leading the West into the abyss of dictatorship.

What we see happening in America is happening all over the formerly free world. Britain is now a floating penal colony, with lockdowns, prohibitions on speech, and internal passports. Thirsty Brits will soon have to get permission from the state in order to have a pint with their mates down at the pub.

An Australian city has been put under military curfew for the first time in its history. Australians will soon need “vaccine passports” to travel, or even exercise their basic human right to return to their home country.

A generation ago, Americans knew they would win the Cold War, because they were right about the moral depravity of communism. Such a system could not last. The Soviet system did collapse, because devoid of moral authority, the cost of maintaining it eventually exceeded the benefits of the system.


The only question now is how long they will be allowed to get away with it.

Having watched the ease, indeed willing compliance, with which so many have locked the yoke of COVID dictatorship around their necks, and the viciousness with which they attack “covidiots” who dare question the dictators, I’m not holding my breath.

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