As writer David Cole says, the January 6th unrest at the US Capitol was a spectacular own goal for the right. Faster than you can say “Reichstag Fire”, the new regime used the fracas as the hysterical excuse to launch an unprecedented reign of state terror in the US.

The entire US military is being vetted for political loyalty and assiduously re-educated in Woke Thought. The US capital remains under the boot of thousands of hand-picked military, and divided by miles of razor wire and concrete barricades.

All, we are told, because of the threat of “right-wing extremism”.

Which might seem odd, given that very real left-wing extremists recently murdered dozens of people and perpetrated the most expensive riot damage in US history. But those left-wing extremists are the boot-boys of the new regime. Just as Austrian police stood by and watched while Brownshirts ran amok in Vienna during the Anschluss, the Democrats’ not-so-secret police are studiously ignoring the violent left while hysterically shrieking about almost entirely imaginary “domestic violent extremists” on the right.

In her first official act as Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines issued a flashing red alert to the country. Jihadi-like Americans, especially those on the political Right, lurk among us and are plotting to commit vicious crimes such as kidnapping and assassinations […]

The thin, three-page paper does little to substantiate her alarming assessment; it is short on proof but long on political usefulness for Democrats and the media, who continue to stoke fears about so-called domestic terrorists loyal to Donald Trump who orchestrated a “deadly insurrection” on January 6. (The word “unclassified” appeared on each page, as if to give the impression that a thick trove of “classified” material somewhere exists.)

As is obvious to everybody, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris is the real power in Washington. Instead, the “Biden” administration is just a shadowy continuation of the Obama regime.

As John Brennan’s top deputy at the CIA during the Obama Administration, Haines learned intelligence can be weaponized to work against political enemies, Donald Trump in particular, with impunity […]

the DNI report is just the latest chapter in the narrative-building surrounding the events of January 6. From false accounts about the death of a Capitol Police officer and tales of an “armed insurrection” to the fortification of Washington, D.C., political protest is being criminalized in a way that sets an extremely dangerous precedent for the future […]

But despite the incessant scaremongering, little evidence exists to make the case that armed groups of organized, violent domestic extremists attacked the Capitol.

The sweeping arrests made by the state in the last few months seems eerily reminiscent of the mass arrests of Communists by Nazis in the wake of the Reichstag fire. The Biden administration has a whole roster of Marinus van der Lubbes lined up as patsies: a right-wing group calling themselves the Oath Keepers.

Only one charge—destruction of government property and the aiding and abetting of it—remotely could be considered an act of violence and the government’s evidence of that flimsy charge is absurd. No Oath Keeper is accused of smashing a window or stealing government property or leaving a mark anywhere inside the Capitol […]

Further, one of the purported leaders of the Oath Keepers who participated in this supposed grand conspiracy to take over the Capitol never entered the building. Why? Thomas Caldwell, 66, is a disabled veteran.

Nevertheless, Caldwell was held behind bars without bail for months.

So, to summarize: One of the “domestic violent extremist” groups responsible for the “attack” on the Capitol did not commit any violence. They had no weapons, they did not lay a finger on anyone, they did not vandalize or steal anything. They did not threaten political leaders or American citizens.

Further, the group’s supposed leader is a disabled veteran who never went inside the building and obviously poses no lethal threat to anyone. He can barely move.

Like the Reichstag fire, there were undeniably a handful of lone nutters who smashed windows and attacked police officers (although even the media now admits that the one officer who died was not assaulted with a fire extinguisher, as they had claimed).

But the idea that Jihadi-like cells of domestic terrorists attempted a violent overthrow of the government January 6 and continue to plot deadly attacks against our institutions and/or political leaders to this day is unproven propaganda. If anything, at least as it pertains to the Oath Keepers, they are former soldiers justifiably disillusioned with the direction of government they promised to defend; they deserve compassion more than contempt.

American Greatness

Worse, while America’s law enforcement is hunting for snarks in Idaho, the nation’s southern border is collapsing. A distracted FBI allowed the 9/11 terrorists to plot their deadly attacks more or less in full sight. Who knows what America’s real enemies might be plotting while a paranoid administration peers under every bed in Alabama?

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The Reichstag Fire of the New Dictatorship

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