We live, as Orwell might have said, in a time of universal deceit. We live surrounded by lies about everything from race to climate. In keeping with Goebbels’s dictum, the biggest lies are the most fervently believed by a great many people.

One of the Big Lies of modern times is “the LGBTQIA+ community”. While it might be useful for unscrupulous activists to treat millions of people as some kind of undifferentiated, lumpenfaggotariat mass, the fact is that gay men, lesbian women, transsexuals and bisexuals have almost nothing in common.

The myth of the “alphabet community” is little more than a fiction designed to control otherwise disparate people.

The other great lie of the “community” is that it exists to liberate women from the clutches of “cis, straight males”. In reality, gay men are often shockingly misogynist. Transgenderism is even worse. Gay men might sneer at “fag hags” and leave all the hard work of organising Pride Week to the lesbians, but transgenderism erases women altogether.

A piece of advice passed down by the women in my family is ‘when it comes to men, only screw blue’. I like to share this widely, because, as a rule, less than enlightened views tend to lurk under the man bun or beard of every woke bro.

There’s a reason that “reset the clock” became a meme: hardly a week seemed to go by that some woke, male feminist or tranny wasn’t exposed as a creepy predator.

While those on the right might be more inclined to patronise and protect women, they are less likely to view women’s bodies as commodities to be pimped out in surrogacy, pornography or prostitution.

Surrogacy is perhaps one of the most vile ways in which women have been co-opted by gay men. Children have become the latest must-have accessory for the well-dressed gay man. Children often almost literally farmed from the bodies of women in developing countries in a biological, Pink Imperialism that the left-elite are determined to ignore.

Guardian writer Owen Jones is the epitome of the woke, soy male. On Twitter recently, Jones announced that he was “hunting for broody lesbian couples”. As Jones made clear, these lucky women were destined to be receptacles for his precious seed in order to satisfy his craving for a trophy baby. Jones’s tweet showed that he holds women with as little regard as a race-horse trainer on the market for a broodmare.

Jones’s Twitter chums backed him up. “He wants to be a dad so should absolutely have access to a birthing person.”

“Birthing person”. That’s how the woke left view women.

Jones is a proponent of the idea that ‘trans women are women’, and that, as such, some lesbians have penises. Given this, Twitter wits were quick to point out that he seemed to be able to distinguish between the sexes when he needed to make use of female biology […]

While families should and do come in all shapes and sizes, many liberals and, in particular, some prominent gay men, seem to believe they have a right to have their own biological children.

And that they have a right to exploit women’s bodies to get them.

Perhaps it is controversial, but to my mind no one is owed a baby by the state, regardless of his or her sexual orientation. Furthermore, the idea that women can be used like broodmares is a grotesque and dehumanising abuse in the name of ‘equality.’ As writer and bioethics consultant Gary Powell outlines in an essay for Lesbian and Gay News: ‘So-called “fertility equality” comes at the cost of the rights and equality of women and children. Not only does surrogacy instrumentalise women and babies in a dehumanising way: it is also a physically dangerous process that can lead to serious illness, psychological trauma and death.’

That some lesbians might find his suggestion of ‘hunting’ for a suitable candidate to carry his child predatory, not to mention dehumanising, was not addressed by Jones. Instead, he opted to accuse his critics of transphobia and homophobia.

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Which is a sadly typical leftist tactic: when caught out, just shout names at people and tell them to shut up.

Many men would be well served by reading Romance literature, which many women buy by the truckload. Sneer at it as you will, Romance is not only often surprisingly well-written, it also tells us a great deal about women.

What is immediately noticeable is that there are very few woke soy-boys in the ranks of Romance heroes. When it comes to the sort of men that women apparently fantasise about, there are billionaires, cowboys, bikers, lumberjacks, even hyper-masculine werewolves, all muscle, body hair and alpha hierarchy – but there aren’t any man-bunned male feminists or non-binary drag queens.

Probably because women aren’t stupid: they can spot a creeper a mile off. They’d sooner date a werewolf than a Guardian columnist.

Owen Jones’s tweet has rightly alarmed many women. The BFD.

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Pink Imperialist Hunts for ‘Broody Lesbians’

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