Dorothy Parker famously said that “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone”.

By which she meant that, while physical beauty might be on the surface only, a person that is an ugly, unpleasant miserable human being is that way all the way through.

As we’ve repeatedly seen, a great many on the left are very, very ugly people.

Not to mention stinking hypocrites.

Magda Szubanski has defended a tweet about Jenny Morrison, saying she was not attacking the appearance of the Prime Minister’s wife and she did not know it was her.

I’m reminded of the idiot in my home town who pleaded Not Guilty to murder, on the grounds that the person had their back to him when he shot them. “I thought it was someone else.”

For the past month, we have been screamed at, finger-wagged, hectored and berated by a coven of leftist witches, wobbling their flabby arms and drooling spittle down their multiple chins, that no-one can ever criticise women. Least of all for their appearance.

But, as always, the left’s double chins are only exceeded by their double-standards.

In an interview with A Current Affair on Wednesday night, Szubanski addressed the controversy of recent days following her retweet of a photo of Scott Morrison signing condolences to the royals following the death of Prince Phillip as his wife stood beside him.

Szubanski’s hypocrisy is only exceeded by her blatant self-contradiction.

“When I first looked at it did not realise that it was Jenny Morrison because it looks very different from her, she’s normally got her hair done, makeup, the whole sort of thing[…]There is no suggestion of me having a crack at her appearance.”

Try and square those two statements with each other.

Of course, this is not the first time that Szubanski has attacked Jenny Morrison’s appearance – somewhat ironically, perhaps, for someone who’s more than a little challenged in the Oil Painting department themselves.

On the same day, Szubanski tweeted another photo of Ms Morrison and appeared to be criticising the way she was holding her hand in a photo with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their Australian tour […]

A slew of female politicians have criticised Szubanski in recent days for her perceived “attack” on the Prime Minister’s wife.

Liberal MP Nicolle Flint called her statement “appalling”, and that it was another example of double standards given to women on the centre right.

There was a tidal wave of screeching leftist outrage when radio buffoon Kyle Sandilands commented of Szubanski, “put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall”. Szubanski called the comment “abhorrent” and “offensive”. Sandilands was suspended. Instead of dumping Szubanski from her new game show gig, Channel 9 trotted her out for a defensive effort to save face, and defend the indefensible, on A Current Affair.

Szubanski, who has repeatedly attacked Christians, instead tried to deflect blame on to “far-right Christians”.

“They are really going to come from me now, I think that is a concern,” she said.

“I think that is a quite legitimate thing to say in this country. I don’t like extremes of any kind, is my stance.

“I am extremely restrained about what I say on Twitter.”

The Australian

If she’s “extremely restrained” on Twitter, then I’d hate to see what she’s like in real life.

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