We are all sick of this Government infantilising issues and speaking to us all like children. They’ve gone full retard now in releasing a new update for their snitch app:

The NZ COVID Tracer app has a number of new features, including national statistics, a flashlight for scanning, and a reminder to keep your diary complete.

A symbol will appear on the tracer app dashboard if users have at least one scan or manual entry every day for 14 days in a row. This is to provide extra motivation to keep your movements up to date.

Yesterday, 15,000 app users earned their 14-day spiral.

Thank you to all of those who are keeping their digital diary up-to-date, and especially those who are using it every day.

Ministry of Health

Oooooh! How exciting!  Do I get a jelly bean as well?

Oh wait, I don’t have the app installed, and have never signed in anywhere, ever.

What if you are an adult? This is what parents do if they want to reward good behaviour. The Government is treating us like children.

Photo by Logan Isbell. The BFD.

It might be what game developers do, but seriously? Does the government expect us to treat this like a game?

But since they are gamifying the app it does raise other questions.

Can we buy in-game extras?  Like, I dunno, vaccination certificates?

I’m pretty sure the Indian language version already has this functionality for negative test certificates. Will it be rolled out to all users?

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Government Infantilises the COVID Tracing App
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

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