Today is the day we announce the three winners of another fantastic giveaway for our subscribers.

The prizes are copies of Alexander Logan’s latest novel The Reluctant Assassin.

The BFD. Three copies of Alexander Logan’s latest book The Reluctant Assassin.

We used an online random number generator to select the winners from our subscriber database and we will contact the winners directly via e-mail in addition to announcing their win here.

This dangerous world of drama and mystery takes you from Australia to Afghanistan to France… then the action moves to Marseille where honour and revenge, lust and love, family affection and duty bring two love affairs to very different outcomes.

Alexander Logan, author of Two Women: Two Worlds explores how religious sensitivities and sexual power play out in the context of Islam and decaying European values. Revenge and honour, the hypocrisy and the self-interest of the fanatic, rob love of its innocence.

Tom Grace, a Brisbane surgeon, attempts to find his kidnapped lover, Kaye Reynolds, a journalist, in Afghanistan. Instead, he is abducted by an arms dealer, Ahmed Bakir, and flown to Marseille as Bakir’s prisoner. Tom had no idea Kaye was working for the Afghanistan Women’s Revolutionary Association with its leader, Minnah Muetton, a French educated Afghan. Bakir hates Minnah’s husband and has him murdered. Amadullah, devout Muslim and Minnah’s brother seeks revenge; it’s a matter of honour.

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The winner of the draw for both Basic and Bronze level subscribers is Canucktoo.

The winner of the draw for Silver level subscribers is H-Pattern.

The winner of the draw for Gold and Platinum level subscribers is Dazza.

Congratulations Canucktoo, H-Pattern and Dazza. Your prizes will be posted out to you as soon as we receive your address. Thank you very much for your support of The BFD. Subscribers like you are the lifeblood of The BFD.


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The Three Winners of ‘The Reluctant Assassin’

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