I’m really getting sick of hearing from these Karens who are scared of their own shadow, running off to the media to snitch on more sensible people who can think for themselves.

A senior healthcare worker, wearing his hospital swipe card, has been photographed flouting mandatory mask rules on public transport.

Counties Manukau DHB project manager Muru Maipi boarded the 6.30am Hamilton-Papakura train service on Monday morning without wearing a face covering.

One passenger said they felt uncomfortable, but that Maipi was not approached by a conductor.

Wearing a face covering during journeys on public transit and domestic flights is required to limit the spread of Covid-19.


Why? There is no Chinese Lung Rot to spread…NO ONE HAS IT!

The Prime Minister and her pet boffin Nanogirl told us masks were pointless. The mask mandate is about control, maintaining fear, and dehumanising you.

Of course, you can avoid potentially catching Chinese Lung Rot if you stop catching public transport.

Maipi works for the Maori Health team and Whanua Ora services, based at Middlemore Hospital.

South Auckland – broadly the Counties Manukau DHB – holds a greater risk of a Covid-19 outbreak because of the high number of airport and border works.

During the journey, Maipi was wearing his DHB swipe card, displaying his name and photograph. He also took a place in priority seating, designated for the elderly, disabled, pregnant women and the injured.

A passenger said they were shocked to see him unmasked.

“He spent the whole time looking at his phone. No-one, including the conductor, approached him. Everyone else was masked, including myself, and I am extremely claustrophobic.

“So much for caring about Maori Healthcare.”


Oh shut up Karen, and get stuffed. I’m of a mind to travel on this train just to find this Karen and tell them where they can get off.

These mask mandates are ridiculous, nonsensical and illogical. More people need to say no. These mask mandates are designed to cower the people into complying with arbitrary rules, and at the same time dehumanise them. It is much easier to control and manipulate the population if you first dehumanise them.

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