Time and again we see that there is very little confluence between the deeply-held beliefs of the left, and reality.

From climate change to Black Lives Matter, nearly everything that your average leftist believes without question is absolutely counter to hard fact. The Earth is not “dangerously warming” and “97% of scientists” do not subscribe to the millenarian delusions of ignorant, scowling teenagers. Black people are not being “hunted” by police in America.

These are all delusions. Worse, they’re deliberate lies, designed to stoke fear and control the mob.

The other great lie peddled by the left’s puppet-masters is “transphobia”.

As reported in The BFD, the recent “Trans Day of Remembrance”, supposedly to commemorate “those lost to us due to anti-trans violence”, was only slightly embarrassed by the lack of any trans people actually lost to anti-trans violence.

Yet, despite being unable to identify a single person killed just for being “transgender”, organisers persisted.

Like the other leftist lies, the lie of “transphobic violence” is massively destructive for society and public policy. Worse, it encourages transgender people to live under a constant cloud of fear, for no clear reason.

Some in the tranny lobby are starting to wake up.

Since transitioning, I’ve felt a target on my back and a weight on my shoulders. I knew, of course, that a large proportion of the those killed were sex workers and black women, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t at risk. I had also read somewhere that trans people only lived to about 35 years old before suicide or murder caught up with them. I hadn’t planned on living long, anyway, but knowing I was setting myself up for potential murder followed me like a dark cloud.

So, I didn’t much like the idea of dwelling on the violence I knew could still be coming for me – but when another LGBT organization asked me to host a TDOR event for them, I realised that, as an activist, this was something I needed to face, in order to better understand it. So, I buckled and began to research the stats and stories behind TDOR.

What I discovered surprised me.

Long story short: the narrative of a tidal wave of “anti-trans violence” is a stinking lie.

It seemed to me that the clearest way to illustrate the severity of this murder epidemic was to simply show that trans people are being murdered at a significantly higher rate than cis people; I Googled, and I Googled again, but I could not find the comparison I was looking for. So, I looked up the data myself, and I was surprised to find that the numbers did not back up the mainstream story

In 2019, the United States reported the murders of 30 trans people. With 1.4 million trans people that’s a murder rate of 0.002% — less than half of the murder rate for the general population[…]

I thought my math had to be wrong. There was a trans murder epidemic happening in the US, all the websites said so. Everyone knew this, it was a fact.

Still, I reasoned, these people were being killed for being trans, right? There was no doubt about that; both the original TDOR website and Trans Respect Versus Transphobia had lists of the names of the dead, and each of them were listed as “killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.”

Once again, that’s just a stinking lie.

Very few of the reports on their deaths mentioned transphobic motivations – or any motivation at all. Some cases were vague, with transphobia as a plausible motivator, while others didn’t seem to have anything to do with it whatsoever – yet they are counted by TDOR as victims of anti-trans violence.

As is well-known (if rarely admitted in polite leftist society), transgenderism is associated with a laundry list of comorbities, most of them psychological. Transgenders are also much, much more likely than the general population to engage in behaviours like drug abuse and prostitution. Suffice to say that those are not the safest pastimes in the world.

This is where I am now, looking at numbers which are more indicative of the higher murder rates among sex workers, black people and women in general, and this is most prominent in countries like the US. If those numbers are to be believed, it would seem that trans people are not facing an epidemic of murder, and I am certainly not one of those with a target on my back.

Far from helping transgender people, lobby groups like TDOR are actively harming them, by encouraging fear and paranoia. In a group notable already for high rates of suicide, this frankly vile and surely as dangerously reckless as giving a toddler a loaded gun to play with.

Knowing what I know now, I feel empowered. I realise I’m not a victim, at least not to the degree I thought I was. The weight on my shoulders is lifted; I have room to move and power to act.

Queer Majority

A place to start might be holding the dangerous liars to account.

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The Deadly Lie of ‘Transphobia’

Lushington D. Brady

Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. I grew up in a generational-Labor-voting family. I kept the faith long after the political left had abandoned it. In last decade or...