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Green Party spokesperson for Maori Development Dr Elizabeth Kerekere
Green Party spokesperson for Justice Golriz Ghahraman

The Ministry of Justice Maori victimisation report, released yesterday, reinforces what we already know about the impact of systemic racism in Aotearoa and that urgent action is needed.  “Whether it is climate change, housing crisis or criminal victimisation for Maori, the scale of the response must fit the scale of the problem,” says Green Party spokesperson for Maori Development Dr Elizabeth Kerekere

“This study shows that compounding factors, such as deprivation, young age, disability and sexuality have contributed to Maori victimisation. “We need significant investment in Maori health, education, employment, housing and welfare support to ensure all Maori can live in dignity,” says Dr Elizabeth Kerekere. 

Green Party spokesperson for Justice Golriz Ghahraman says Maori are disproportionately affected by our racist criminal justice and prison system. 

“We know Maori are being unfairly targeted and victimised by law enforcement and justice institutions, which has eroded trust in the system. 

“This is likely an under-representation of true Maori victimisations figures, as we know Maori are less likely to report crime to police,” says Golriz Ghahraman. “Our justice system needs transformative change to empower by-Maori for-Maori criminal justice processes.” This research also confirms what Rainbow and Disability communities have been saying for years, says Dr Elizabeth Kerekere. “Being takatapui, or having a disability, increases the risk of violence against those people. In the absence of proper support from government agencies, we need to urgently allocate resources to those communities who provide support for these affected groups,” says Dr Elizabeth Kerekere. 

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Systemic Racism Rooted in Maori Victimisation Report
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