Megan Woods is Nincompoop of the day for questioning whether electricity prices are too high and suggesting government intervention in the market when it was government intervention that contributed to the increase in the first place!

Energy Minister Megan Woods is seeking advice about whether wholesale electricity prices are too high, with analysts warning current pricing risks political intervention.

[…] As well as low rainfall, New Zealand’s energy market is being constrained by a shortage of gas, with production from Pohukura, New Zealand’s largest gas field, dropping sharply since the middle of 2020.

[…] Woods did not specify exactly what she had asked officials to do to address her concerns

NZ Herald

Someone needs to remind her that PM Jacinda Ardern made a ‘Captains call’ to kill New Zealand’s Oil and Gas industry.

If the government meddles again we can be assured that they will make things worse for consumers just like their meddling in how landlords run their businesses has made things so much worse for tenants.

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Nincompoop of the Day
Juana Atkins

Juana Atkins

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