Mother of Four

I would like to complain about the Spinoff article A mufti day is enormous fun but time to give it a new name.
One of my teenagers sent the link to me with a “WTF???” attached to it. I can’t help but agree.

Our language is powerful and has a long and tangled history. Some good, some bad. But this push to eliminate all but the most politically correct terms, words and phrases is out of control. 

Here’s the thing: my kids don’t care where their words come from. They just enjoy mufti days for what they are – a chance to let their hair down a little, enjoy being out of uniform and (usually) raise a few dollars for a worthy cause. In fact, I don’t think you could find a child in New Zealand who is offended by mufti days.

In short: stop trying to shove your far-left agenda down our throats. Stop attacking our culture, our history and our institutions. 

We don’t want it, and such idiotic articles only push ordinary Kiwis further away from your ridiculous, extremist political narrative. 

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