Remember #StopAsianHate? The hashtag trended on Twitter for days, in concert with a frenzied campaign by the mainstream media. It all reached a crescendo when a satisfactorily white shooter killed eight people, six of whom were Asian, at “massage parlors” in Atlanta.

Never mind that the shooter’s stated motive was a form of twisted revenge for his religiously-conflicted “sex addiction”. Right-on media figures and Twitter activists just knew that it was racism. Especially given a noted surge in anti-Asian attacks in the US.

Then, just as suddenly, the hashtag, and the media hysteria, vanished. Why on earth would that be?

Definitely “White Supremacists”. The BFD.

The New York Hate Crime Task Force is currently looking for four individual suspects connected to hate crimes on Asian Americans in New York City.

It is safe to say these suspects are not likely members of The Proud Boys.

Not entirely true: the Proud Boys are in fact a multi-racial organisation, led by a black Cuban. But these suspects are certainly not “white supremacists”.

The suspicion that the media were suddenly losing interest because the majority of Asian-haters just didn’t fit the media’s approved racial narrative has only been strengthened as other crimes are dropped like hot potatoes by the media.

The perpetrators in this series of anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City were all minority suspects.

Sadly you did not see this important news in the mainstream media.

It did not fit their narrative.

The Gateway Pundit

The murder of Washington DC Uber driver Mohammad Anwar by carjackers was half-heartedly reported as the alleged crime of otherwise non-specific “teenage girls”.

Mohammad Anwar is left to die, face-down on the footpath, while his killers plead for their phones. The BFD.

Tip: when the media carefully avoid identifying the ethnicity of a suspect, be immediately suspicious. Note how often, on the other hand, the media identify “white teens”, or “a man, who is white”.

It’s not just the perpetrators who need to be held to account but also the bystanders.

When a little old Chinese man was beaten by a hulking young black man, a crowd of black onlookers laughed as they recorded it on their cell phones. When a 65-year-old Asian lady was attacked by a huge black thug, onlookers, including security guards, just watched.

Mohammad Anwar was left to die, face-down on the footpath, no one coming to his assistance, while his killers cried for their phones.

Worse, the two girls have reached a plea deal that will see their identity protected while they serve no time in prison.

Try to imagine the unholy furore if they had been white.

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The Faces of Anti-Asian Hate

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