The stupidity and duplicity over voter ID laws in the US just keeps getting more hypocritical and idiotic.

What would you call people who think that black people are too dumb to find their local DMV or use the internet, yet screech that others are racist?

And what would you call a company that demands ID from their customers but argues that it’s racist to ask for ID for voting?

PayPal seem to be against the Georgia Voter ID law and are actively expressing their opinions on social media. However, you still can’t open an account without an ID.

PayPal and other big tech companies are fighting against the new Georgia Voter ID law that stipulates that citizens are required to show valid state identification prior to voting. However, you still require ID to open an account with them.

Voter ID should be an absolute basic in a well-run democracy. Countries around the world require some form of ID either to register to vote, or at the polls.

Despite claims to the contrary, Australia has fairly robust voter ID requirements. Anyone enrolling to vote must provide either a driver’s licence or a passport. On polling day, voters must state their name and address – which is crossed off on the voter roll at that booth. Rolls are later cross-checked, to catch out multiple voting.

Postal voting in Australia can only be done on application and on confirming eligibility. ID must be provided.

The Democrats in the US are determined to mass mail out postal votes and not bother with ID at all.

Georgians have always been required to show ID before voting, however — mail-in voting as well as the pandemic really made things complicated. Several US states are now finding themselves inundated with invalid votes and are heading into more audits and recounts, and this is after the election.

Officials have found many irregularities with the mail-in ballots, this includes multiple votes by the same person, unsigned ballots, and votes coming from people that don’t actually exist. The 2020 presidential election is one of the most contested in history and it has everything to do with just how loose certain states were with their own voting regulations and laws.

But, hey, there’s absolutely no reason to suspect that the 2020 election was anything but absolutely fair. After all, the mainstream media keep telling you so.

Georgia are trying to make things a bit less chaotic by introducing a stricter voting law that requires more effort from voters. And now you absolutely must [show] legal identification before you cast your vote.

Apparently that’s just too much to expect of those noble coloured folks.

The National Democratic Committee and big tech alike have called this new law “racist”[…]Joe Biden called said the law was racist because he believes that it would make it harder for people of colour to vote because he doesn’t believe they know how to register to vote online.

Even PayPal, among many other big tech companies, have chimed in to condemn this new law.

So, I guess that means that PayPal don’t demand ID from their customers? I mean, they wouldn’t want to be racist.

“PayPal. Can you please let me open an account without an ID,” one person tweeted at the company when they heard the news.

They responded: “Great question! We usually require a customer to verify their identity with a government issues photo ID. Regrettably, we are unable to bypass this step, if it is requested.”

Facebook is another company that is taking stance against the Georgia voter ID law and they have very, very strict rules on catfish accounts. When creating a Facebook account you must use your real legal name and you can only change your surname if you provide Facebook with the government documents proving your name change. Additionally, Facebook also randomly check accounts by locking them and forcing people to verify their identities by uploading government issued photo ID.

Sausage Roll

But it’s not “racist” when they do it.

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PayPal Demands ID, Calls Voter ID ‘Racist’

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