John Rofe

Dear Politicians,

While the Great Global Warming scam is an OECD-wide problem, New Zealand is a special case for reasons that will be apparent in the document attached below. 

Formal Police Complaint by Juana Atkins

For this reason and because of the vibrant, science-based opposition to Government malfeasance from the NZ Climate Science Coalition and the Environomics (NZ) Trust, I am assured there will be a willing selection of experts from prestigious scientific organisations to support any action contemplated by the NZ Serious Fraud Office.

The global temperature data now shows cooling may have begun and this in turn accounts for the huge numbers of cold records falling over the October to March period just ended.  A sample of these anomalous cold events can usually be found on, not that this provides balance except mention of anomalous cooler periods is generally banned from the mainstream media.

Notwithstanding, there cannot be a climate emergency because there is no evidence this year that the global climate is warming. Add this to the fact that the climate models all grossly overstate the impacts of human carbon emissions, and this government now has a huge and expanding scandal on its hands.

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This Government Now Has a Huge and Expanding Scandal on Its Hands
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