Call me a reactionary, but the contemporary leftist obsession with “racial justice” seems an awful lot like a Revolution of the Envious Losers. Dispute it as they will, the modern world was largely built by the brains and sweat of white, Christian, male Westerners.

The left, of course, will cherry-pick exceptions and pretend they’re the rule. Take the movie Hidden Colors, for example: the not-so-subtle premise is that whitey only got to the Moon because of the essential work of a group of black women (or is that “Blaq Womyn” in leftist NewSpeak?). While it’s true that the laborious mathematical cross-checking of the women concerned was essential to the success of the Apollo program, neither their colour nor their gender were essential to their work. The fact is that it was mathematical grunt-work that anyone, of any colour, could have done.

The fact also remains that for all that Apollo was a vast team effort, the truly essential movers and shakers were overwhelmingly white and male.

Neither was essential to Apollo’s success, either – but undeniable facts they remain nonetheless.

The pearl-clutching left were outraged at the lack of “black representation” in Christopher Nolan’s magnificent Dunkirk, but the plain fact is that the people who actually defeated actual Nazism were also overwhelmingly white and male.

But “white and male” is the new “nigger”. Just as “uppity” blacks had to be expunged from the public eye in the US Jim Crow era, and all things Jewish had to be expelled in the Nazi era, all things white and male have to be denigrated, expunged, burned and Memory-Holed in order to racially purify the Wokenreich. If a popular musical is going to feature the Founding Fathers at all, then they must be blackwashed into “People of Color”.

And if we’re going to have music at all, it absolutely cannot, must not, will not, have any vestige of “whiteness”.

The story of the present times is the never-ending race to out-idiot each other on the way to the bottom: The University of Oxford is considering scrapping sheet music for being ‘too colonial’ after staff raised concerns about the ‘complicity in white supremacy’ in music curriculums. Professors are set to reform their music courses to move away from the classic repertoire, which includes the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement[…]

It claimed that teaching musical notation had ‘not shaken off its connection to its colonial past’ and would be ‘a slap in the face’ to some students.

And it added that musical skills should no longer be compulsory because the current repertoire’s focus on ‘white European music’ causes ‘students of colour great distress’.

Or is it just because learning to play an instrument properly, let alone read music, is just really, really hard?

Too hard, according to the Woke-ists, for them coloured folks. It’s almost as if the “progressive left” secretly think that blacks are stupid and apeish. After all, actually turning up to class, finishing work on time, writing legible English and actually arriving at factually-correct answers have already been deemed, by the left, to be beyond the apparently knuckle-dragging mass of noble blacks.

This is some serious Year Zero stuff, yesterday in the jungles of Pol Pot’s Cambodia, today at the world’s premier institution of higher learning. The long march through the instructions has been a Marxist success story well beyond the wildest dreams of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, to the point now where those who specifically tasked with preserving and cultivating culture are actively seeking to eradicate it.

Where does one even start to address the “issues” raised by these tenured and highly cultivated cretins?

Spectator Australia

Uh-uh, can’t use the word “cretin”. It’s not only “ableist”, but steeped in white, Christian hegemony (“Cretin” is derived from the French Chretien, “Christian”).

But, if we’re going to discard everything from “the slave period”, then that means pretty much the entirety of global human history is off-limits. Most especially the left’s beloved Islam, where the “slave period” covers everything from its beginnings with a Meccan slave-trader to right now, where slave markets are a hideous fact of parts of modern Islam.

Forgive me, though, should I entertain the notion that the real reason the woke left hate Beethoven and Mozart is because they were white men who stand at the absolute pinnacle of musical achievement. Call me peculiar, but it seems to me that Cardi B’s Wet-Ass Pussy isn’t fit to lick the boots of the Moonlight Sonata. When a fashionably transgender, disabled person of colour writes something one-millionth as good as The Magic Flute, let me know.

The woke left might swoon over ideologically-correct doggerel like The Hill We Climb, but it was white men who wrote The Wasteland, Ode on a Grecian Urn, let alone the Odyssey.

If that’s “white supremacy”, it’s only because it’s “white” and supremely good.

I’m not apologising for that and neither should you.

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