There is increasing evidence that “resilience”, once an essential virtue to cope with life’s pitfalls, is a foreign concept amongst today’s younger set. Or in laymen’s terms, they are becoming soft.

Your insistence that we all be “kind” is manipulative hogwash. Kindness does not protect the insecure from facing up to their responsibilities. In effect it only drives them into a state of co-dependency. They live their lives devoid of reality. They become brittle to the many insignificant disruptions within their unrealistic expectation of a tranquil life. They embrace victimhood rather than self-reliance. All because the kindness they seek from society is fabricated nonsense promoted by you.

Kindness is an emotional response that we all extend when appropriate. It has never been required as a political decree until somewhere, from within your perceived wisdom, you believed our collective emotional templates required adjustment. Is it your own vulnerability that craves kindness? If it is, then you are in the wrong job. Or possibly your desire for kindness is a concealment of your true self.

There is clear evidence that your own kindness is very selective. Your socialist ideology is becoming more apparent and the kindness you speak of is the tool you embrace knowing that the vulnerable will continue to cling to you.

You avoid political conflict, you avoid political scrutiny, but worst of all, when you have nowhere to hide you become dishonest, a trait that exposes your kindness as a sham.

Those of us who have taken on the responsibility of contributing to our wonderful nation by working hard and thus reaping the rewards of our labour are treated like guttersnipes. You are clearly of the opinion that we, who have the will to take charge of our destiny, are the enemy of your bizarre ideology.

Socialism and kindness cannot be compatible. Socialism strips people of their dignity, self-esteem, ambition and independence. What kind of person would contemplate that? I have therefore programmed my email in-tray to discard any correspondence from you and/or your party directly into the spam file along with all the other shysters and fraudsters.

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