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Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon, who I dubbed Foolish Foon after his recent outburst against the Police, will have learnt a valuable lesson from the widespread criticism he copped.

That is how quickly public sentiment changed from contempt to respect by doing as he has commendably done, namely apologising for his silly claim.

We all make mistakes (honesty dictates I exclude myself) and they are immediately forgotten when openly acknowledged.

Furthermore, he’s hardly unique. His predecessor Susan Devoy hugely irritated the public with her sweeping claims of anti-Maori racism.

Criticism of Susan was always diluted out of respect for her extraordinary sporting achievements, however I pulled her up publicly once after she claimed maori kids were being shadowed in shops as potential shoplifters. I pointed out how important profiling was to function in everyday life, albeit can sometimes be unfair in individual cases.

For example, I noted had her name been Tracy instead of Susan, she’d never had got the job for damn good reasons, which I outlined.

A year later she wrote me a very nice letter over something she’d learnt I do, then a few months later she bailed me up in the street and came back to my office for drinks. Now she’s shifted to Wellington, she’s been in for drinks and lunch and I look forward to seeing a great deal more of her in future. She’s a good person and I admire her energy.

Meng Foon for example, was elected and re-elected for about 180 years as Gisborne’s mayor so plainly has lots going for him.

I mention that as it saddens me when plainly good people sully their reputation with intemperate comments, as he has done.

New Zealanders are not anti-Maori, but they are also sensible and take a profiling approach based on reality to some Maori failure behaviour, notably criminality.

The worst Maori racism emanates from Maori pseudo-academics with their nonsensical Maori wonderfulness degrees. Their constant cry of racism and worst of all, colonialism, as justification for Maori failure, is simply insulting to everyone’s common sense. And as an ethnic Chinese Meng Foon of all people should recognise that.

I say that for as I’ve always argued, the best thing to happen to New Zealand in recent decades by a country mile has been the large scale Chinese migration.

They’ve come to an alien land and culture but simply get stuck in and work their guts out to get ahead, which they mostly do, rather than make colonialism type complaints about the problems of cultural adjustment. And a final plus is their great looking females, another bloody good reason to keep them coming.

To conclude, I’ve long held the view that the Race Relations Office unintentionally does more harm than good.

To make my point, should the government establish a UFO Recording Department within six months they’d be at my company for more space for their burgeoning staff numbers, trying to cope with the hundreds of daily sighting calls.

The assumption that rationality is natural human behaviour is far fetched, and thank God for that, otherwise we’d all be robotic dullards.

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Meng Foon and Racism
Bob Jones

Bob Jones

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